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10 Common Dangers That Lead to Drug and Alcohol Abuse

There are plenty of risk factors that may lead to drug and alcohol abuse, and we might not be able to avoid them all. However, being aware that certain behaviors and situations may pose a greater risk for abuse can help the prevention of abuse from happening at all.

Always be aware of your surroundings and the situations you find yourself in.  If you have already had a drug or alcohol problem and are on the road to recovery, avoid the people, places, and situations that got you in that position in the first place.  Proactive prevention is the best way to avoid drug and alcohol problems from the start.

Here are ten of the more common situations people find themselves in that lead them to drug and alcohol issues.

  1. Being around drugs and alcohol

    This is easily the biggest reason people fall into bad drug and alcohol habits, it’s simply available for them and easy to access and use.  When something is so easy to use, it becomes very easy for them to abuse.  Even being in places where that kind of activity happens can have a negative impact on you and those you’re with – the best option is to avoid it altogether.

  2. Negative feelings

    This is a fairly large category and can impact most if not all of us. We all feel negative, sad, angry, anxious, guilty, lonely, or afraid at least once in our lives.  Issues arise when we give in to these feeling and try drugs and alcohol to alter our mental state.  Many people find themselves in these situations and continually make a pattern of this behavior.

  3. Positive feelings

    On the other hand, positive feelings may have just as powerful of an impact on us than negative ones. Extreme elation or the desire to celebrate may quickly push someone to use alcohol or drugs for recreational use.  Be aware of your emotions, both negative and positive, and do not make any rash decisions based on a fleeting emotion.

  4. Previous experience with any drug

    If you have previously used any drug you are at a much higher risk to use it again. With continual use there is an increased chance of addiction, which can cause extreme health issues, destroy relationships, and lead to a premature death.

  5. Family history

    If your family has a history of heavy drug or alcohol use, you are at a much higher risk for drug and alcohol abuse. Growing up in an environment full of drugs and alcohol sets a precedent for the rest of a child’s life.  Children often take cues from their parents and family members, and if those family members abuse drugs and alcohol, that behavior may be emulated later by them in life.

  6. Abusing prescription drugs

    Abusing prescription drugs is a common gateway into more dangerous drugs. Even if you are using the prescription as directed, the side effects may cause a prescription drug abuse to start.  Some common side effects cause feelings of elation, euphoria, or other altered states of mind.  If not monitored this can easily lead to a drug abuse issue.

  7. Boredom

    Without a solid support structure of family and friends, you may find yourself turning to drugs and alcohol simply because it is something to do. Instead of relying on drugs and alcohol for recreation, focus your energies on a positive outlet.

  8. Suddenly coming into a lot of money

    This may seem like a strange reason, but there are indirect correlations between having excess money and drug use. Many people may not know what to do with extra money and feel they can try drugs – as soon as a person uses drugs, that’s where the trouble begins.

  9. Not following through with proactive steps

    If you or someone you know has already had an issue with drugs and is on the road to recovery, they may feel that it is acceptable to occasionally use the drug. This can quickly lead to major problems and potentially a relapse.

  10. Pain

    Many people turn to drugs and alcohol to help alleviate both physical and mental pain – while it may provide a false sense of relief, using drugs and alcohol for pain reduction can lead to serious issues in the future.

At Meridian Treatment Solutions, we provide the highest-quality care and compassion when it comes to dealing with a drug or alcohol problem.  We have an experienced staff that can help you and your loved ones during your most trying times.  Seeking help for a drug or alcohol problem is the best step to take toward recovery.  If you or someone you know is struggling with drugs or alcohol, be sure to get in touch with us today for more information on what we can do for you.

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