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Addictive personality

Signs That You May Have An Addictive Personality And How You Can Overcome It

“Addictive personality” is a term or phrase you’ve likely come across.

The term is loosely used in a range of contexts, whether you’ve stumbled upon it in a juicy gossip story, or your friends use it as a crutch to excuse their excessive behavior.

Despite its seemingly insignificant role in modern society, understanding what it is and how to overcome it is vitally important to avoid life-threatening addictions. After all, treating an addiction is more difficult than preventing one from starting.

Specific personality traits which make someone more likely to become addicted, is referred to as an addictive personality. Understanding a few of these signs can help you prevent addictions from forming.

Beyond the signs we have outlined below, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial to combatting addictive personality traits. Improving your overall health lends oneself to a more balanced and fruitful life and, one that isn’t hindered by addiction.

There are many ways which can improve your health, just for example by eating better, exercise or take quality supplements such you may find at

Signs of Addictive Personality

You’re A Thrill Seeker

Many of us have an innate desire to seek out adventure.

Whether you suffer from a serious case of wanderlust or have a bucketload of extreme sports on your bucket list, the excitement of exploration can be untamable. That said, a need for speed or crave to be brave can be signs of an addictive personality. Extreme sports and thrilling stunts release a rush of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is a pleasure chemical which is responsible for the satisfaction and elation that comes with chasing adventure. That said, don’t be put off by your next big venture.

Thrilling activities can be a wonderful substitution for full-blown substance addiction, provided they are legal, not harmful to you or others, done in moderation, and conducted in a professional manner.

You Act Impulsively

Do you suffer from the urge to splurge? Are you quick to pick a decision before you’ve weighed its value? Impulsive actions are a subtle sign of an addictive personality.

This is because it is said that addicts are more likely to make instant decisions without taking into consideration the long-term consequences.

Sure, spontaneity is a great way to spice things up, but it can be harmful when you don’t have a long-term plan in play.

You Have Difficulty Saying No

We all feel a little down when we see Insta-stories of our buddies enjoying a night out without us. Just saying “no” is still a real problem that so many people struggle with.

It is so real that it is often a catalyst to people saying “yes!” to just about anything. Saying “no” is important, especially when the consequences of your inability to do so start negatively impacting your relationships, work, and education.


Manipulation is a harmful trait that is often used to exploit others for individual gain. It is also a subtle sign that you suffer from an addictive personality. This is because addicts use manipulation to make friends and family feel sorry for them, leveraging it to keep an addiction going.


The aforementioned signs are by no means a diagnosis, but they are subtle traits that could indicate you are more likely to get hooked on something.

It is important to understand that these signs do not determine your destiny and that, as with any worrying trait, they can be managed to ensure you don’t slip down a damaging path.

Don’t beat yourself up, simply start accepting who you are. Seek out adventure that fulfills you rather than risks your life.

Exercise restraint and learn to love spending time with yourself. Use pros and cons lists to make decisions and make room for spontaneity in your life.

Surround yourself with supportive friends that are strong enough to say “stop” or “no.”  Start valuing your life, your relationships, your education, and your work.

These are just a few ways that you can beat an addictive personality and start living a more balanced life.

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