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Rehab for Alcoholism

When a person suffers from alcoholism, alcohol rehab becomes a necessity. It’s difficult for someone with an addition to overcome their issue, but it’s easier for them when they are ready. When they make the conscious decision to seek help, to find a program that works for them, and to become open to the possibility of help, they increase their chances of successful completion of rehab. The stigma associated with rehab is no longer as taboo as it once was, and that’s because this facility uses a more modern approach to detox. The program is personalized to each person who seeks help, and it’s designed to ensure each person in the facility is as comfortable and at-home as possible.

Fort Lauderdale Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcohol is a drug. Many people fail to see this as a real problem, but that’s precisely what it is. Alcohol is abused by more people than virtually any other. The problem with it is most people don’t realize they have a problem. True addicts are easy to spot, but it’s functioning alcohols that aren’t so easy to spot. This is the person who gets up, goes to work, socializes with friends and family, and functions in the same capacity as any other person without an alcohol problem. The difference is this person is addicted. This person needs just as much help as the person who wakes up, pours a drink, gets fired from every job, and can’t keep friends.

Alcohol rehab provides a variety of benefits for patients who want to seek help. However, it’s a dangerous process for anyone. One of the biggest challenges is right up front, and it’s the withdrawal process. It’s not easy for most alcoholics, but it’s not always difficult. The medical diagnosis is most people with a long history of addiction, a family history, negative health history, and a severe addiction are more likely to experience severe symptoms. Symptoms include:

  • Shaking
  • Irritability
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia
  • Delusions
  • Mood swings
  • Hallucinations
  • High blood pressure
  • Irregular heart beat
  • Seizures

The Detox Process for Alcohol

All patients are required to go through detox before alcohol rehab commences. This process is often long and arduous, but patients are kept comfortable and in-control. Dignity is always important, and it helps. Patients are permitted to wear their own clothes, and they’re permitted to come and go around the facility as they see fit. No one is ever locked into a room without a way to get out. It’s believed patients with a bit more freedom in the facility are more comfortable.

Medical staff is always present when detox occurs. No one is every permitted to go unsupervised during this timeframe, and medication is available to help with severe medical issues in the midst of detox. Once a patient begins seizing, medication is presented to stop the symptoms and comfort the patient.

Rehab Services for Alcohol Addiction

Once detox ends, patients are given more freedom and privacy. They’re made to feel at home at all times, and they’re highly encouraged to join other patients for daily activities. These activities are designed to keep patients feeling comfortable, but they’re also useful. Every patient goes through therapy while here. Individual sessions are provided for all patients, but they’re encouraged to join in the group sessions.

Group therapy is effective for many addicts, and it helps them learn to open up and become more comfortable. Support is one of the most important aspects of any rehab facility and Detox Center Fort Lauderdale, which is why patients are encouraged to join in these programs. Hearing the stories from others, learning their histories, and seeing their honesty and vulnerability makes it easier for many guests to become more forthcoming with their own stories.

All Alcoholics Are Not the Same

No two patients are the same. No two patients stay the same amount of time, work in the same field, or receive the same treatment. Each patient is provided with a highly comprehensive treatment plan individualized to meet their every need. Some patients need more time in specific areas, such as detox or therapy. Some of the factors used to determine how much time a patient needs include:

  • Age
  • History of addiction
  • Health condition
  • Attitude toward help

Not every patient who comes through the doors of this program is ready for the help they need. Some come because they weren’t given a choice by the law or their families. Other comes because they want help, and they can’t do it on their own. It’s each person’s responsibility to allow help to work for them. There is no guarantee any addiction rehab program will work for any patient, but those who want the help are usually the ones who see the best results in any situation. Call Fort Lauderdale Drug Rehab center today to discuss the potential for recovery.

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