How can we help you beat addiction and live a better life?

Meridian Treatment Solutions is a fully licensed and accredited Drug & Alcohol treatment center. We have helped hundreds of clients just like you using our unique treatment approach.


How does it work? 

We combine 3 very effective approaches into one treatment - Personalized care, "Mind, Body & Spirit" approach and educational approach.

You will get treatment suited just for you and tools to stay sober, prevent relapses and live a better life, in a way other treatment centers simply cannot.

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"I was a client at meridian in the beginning of this year. I have struggled with addiction half my life. I have attended many treatment centers before meridian. Out of all my experience with treatment i say from my heart that meridian was the best place i have ever been. The staff actually care about you as a person and there is not one person i did not trust 100% to help me in my worst time. I love everything about the program and everyone there. Thank you for saving my life"

Tyler E.

"I came to Meridian a scared broken little girl who couldn’t even look a person in the eye. I couldn’t hold a job or a relationship with my family or anyone else. The staff and clinical team actually cared about my well being. I was able to get the 1 on 1 attention that I needed and I was not treated as just a number in a group of people. I was challenged to change my thinking and I gained tools that I am now using to stay sober. Meridian has become family to me and I am so grateful for the beautiful life that they have helped me make because if I didn’t end up at this treatment center, I don’t know where I would be"

Caithlyn E.

Addiction can shatter everything you want and love. 

You may lose your friends, family, job and even your life...

Don't let the addiction stand between you and the life you deserve!

Our unique treatment can help you!

Personalized Care

  • One Primary Therapist from the beginning to successful treatment completion
  • Designated team of professionals to insure a smooth and effective journey to recovery​

Holistic Approach

  • An Evidence-based treatment with the highest success rates in addiction treatment
  • Psychotherapy, gym, massage, biofeedback treatment, nutritional consultation, daily 12-step meetings, fun and more

Tools & Skills

Meridian’s highly educated and trained team give clients the tools and skills necessary to:

  • Cope with anxiety, depression and anger
  • Set goals and achieve them
  • Excel in life ​

Meridian Treatment Solutions is one of the leading Florida drug rehab and alcohol rehab centers.
We provide clinical excellence in the intensive treatment of drug & alcohol addiction in an exclusive, up-scale environment conducive to achieving and sustaining long-term sobriety. We provide a variety of programs such as inpatient alcohol rehab, inpatient drug rehab, outpatient alcohol rehab, outpatient drug rehab and more.
Our team of experts will help and guide the client from alcohol or drug withdrawal treatment, and all the way to sobriety.
Let the recovery begin today.

Up-scale facilities

Fully licensed and accredited. Privacy guaranteed!

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