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Relapse Prevention

After you’ve started leading a clean and sober life why would you want to go back? You don’t, no one does but it does happen. A relapse can occur for numerous reasons, the biggest being stress, old habits and old user friends. If you’re serious about living a healthy and sober life then you need…

Steps to Intervention

When we see our loved ones heading down a path away from recovery, we sometimes feel helpless. How do we make them see they are hurting themselves and everyone around them? Sometimes the best option is to make them see it through the eyes of those affected. 1. Gather friends and family The people that…

Less is More at Meridian Treatment Solutions

What does it mean to be a good treatment facility? For Meridian Treatment solutions it means focusing on the patient first. There are a number of successful professionals who would agree, people are the root of any organizations success. By managing the Meridian Treatment Solutions program under the principals of people first, we are seeing…

Recovery in the Spotlight

They’re in the spotlight daily while they face some of the same challenges as the rest of us. Addiction does not discriminate by any means. No matter your age, race, gender, or social status, addiction is a disease fought by many. At times the fight is in secret and too often it is alone. Facing…

Being Alcohol Free

Introduction Alcoholism is an interesting non-organic disease that is difficult to manage rooted in the excess and inordinate consumption of alcoholic drinks. Literature on alcoholism affirms that this might be traced to the following causes: environmental, genetic, and/or psychological (; .The excess consumption of alcohol is fatal to the body and causes physical and psychiatric…

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