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Drug Addiction

People Don’t Change…

drug rehab

By Mark Jacobson, LMFT, MCAP, Chief Operating and Clinical Officer I’ve heard people say this my whole life. People don’t change But I’ve got news for you: People do change. I see it every day. Sometimes people don’t change and the speed that others may want, but working in a mental health and addiction treatment setting,…

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How to Choose a Good Drug Rehab in Florida

rehab in florida

If you or your loved one is struggling with a Substance Use Disorder, and truly want to turn your life around, a reliable and professional Drug Rehab in Florida can help you recover and regain control. But how do you choose the right one? There are so many choices… Here are some important criteria you…

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5 Benefits of Choosing a Florida Drug Rehab

florida drug rehab

Drug Use Disorder is a devastating situation, no doubt about that… Individuals suffering from drug addictions often feel like they’re being consumed by their addictions, as it has a terrible impact on their life, health, relationships and work. If you or a loved one is suffering Drug Use Disorder and truly want to change your…

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New York mayor sues Pharma over Opioid addiction epidemic

NY mayor sues Big Pharma over opioid addiction epidemic

There is no doubt that opioid pain-killers play a significant role in the raging Opioid addiction epidemic that we are currently experiencing. We hear daily heart-breaking stories about ruined lives of friends and families due to the Opioid addiction. Cities have spent millions of dollars on programs trying to save lives and prevent tragedies. One of…

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Walmart joins the struggle against the Opioid menace

Walmart joins the struggle against the Opioid menace

Walmart sets the trend through a free Opioid disposal solution in its pharmacy chain. Walmart announced the launch of a cost-free Opioid disposal solution to withhold the menace rising from Opioid abuse. Named as Disposed RX this initiative is first-of-its-kind. The solution comes in the form of small packets with stuffed ingredients. You only need…

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