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GHB Drug Addiction

GHB, also known as Gamma Hydroxybutyrate, is a newer "designer" drug that was originally intended for bodybuilders and people who wanted quick muscle growth, but in Europe it is used as a sedative or anesthetic. When it is being abused, it is generally in addition to the party drug Ecstasy. GHB is often associated as one of the date rape drugs. GHB is notorious for affecting the memory of the user and therefore makes it harder for sexual abuse to be prosecuted. When users take GHB it is most often in an alcoholic cocktail and can easily be slipped into someone's drink while they aren't looking to create a very dangerous situation.

How to Spot a GHB Addiction?

If you are using GHB for any other reason than its prescribed purpose or if you are intentionally mixing the drug with any other substance, you need to seek help immediately. When you begin to mix medications or substances you greatly increase your chances of an overdose, extreme complications and even death.

Are You Abusing the drug GHB?

If you notice that you are beginning to use GHB for any other reason than its intended use, contact a drug treatment facility immediately. The professional staff at Meridian Treatment Solutions will be able to work with you to find the best possible program for your particular addiction needs. If you haven't been using the drug long you may be able to get all the help you need from one of Meridian Treatment Solutions outpatient programs. If you choose an outpatient program you will be able to work toward your goal of sobriety without completely interrupting your daily life. If you have been a heavy user of GHB for an extended period of time, you may need your life to completely change and an inpatient program will be available to you. The wonderful staff at Meridian Treatment Solutions make it their goal to help you with every step on your way to living a healthy, happy, sober life.

What Treatment Can You Receive at Our Fort Lauderdale Drug Rehab Center?

When you make the decision to begin your life again, clean and sober, you will need to go through an initial detoxification process. When you decide to let the staff at Meridian Treatment Solutions help you through your withdrawal symptoms, you will be give the best alternatives to help make your transition period as easy as possible. When you are done with your detox, you will be able to begin healing the rest of your addiction. Meridian Treatment Solutions strives to help you overcome your GHB addiction from the inside out. We want to treat the entire problem, mind body, and sole to make sure you will have a successful transition back to your life.

You will be participating in individual counseling, group therapy, yoga and meditation among other activities that promote turning stressful situations into positive activities. When you learn ways to channel your energy into other activities besides your drug of choice, you have a greater chance of being successful with sobriety in the long run. When you go back to your old life you will be less likely to turn back to drugs when things get out of control.

No matter what your addiction or how long you've been addicted, the caring staff at Meridian Treatment Solutions will help you reach your long term sobriety goals. If you or a loved one feel that you need help getting your life back on track and you want to take complete control of your dependency on substances, call Meridian Treatment Solutions at 844-281-3116 or visit our website, to speak with a representative that can help you decide which treatment program will best suit your recovery needs. With inpatient and outpatient programs available, we are sure to have a program that will get you back to a happy, healthy, and sober life.