Ketamine Drug Addiction

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Ketamine Drug Addiction

As a society, we have been fighting a war on drugs and alcohol for years. It is easy to become addicted to many dangerous substances, one such substance is Ketamine. Ketamine is also known as Kit Kat and Special K on the street. Ketamine was originally marketed as an animal and infant anesthetic but adults quickly discovered the drug, when taken incorrectly, can have severe hallucinogenic side effects. When used properly, Ketamine can be a useful pain killer, but if used incorrectly, it can become a deadly addiction.

To get the most out of the drug, the liquid is usually evaporated and the powder that is left is injected or snorted. The manner in which the drug is ingested determines the strength of the drug and how rapid the effects will be. Any way the drug is altered from its original state can be potentially dangerous to those who abuse it.

Is Ketamine Addictive?

Ketamine is not considered to be physically addictive but the effects that it produces on the brain will lead the user to quickly become psychologically dependent on the drug for their happiness and wellbeing, feeling as if they can’t quit the drug because they will cease to be happy like they are when experiencing the hallucinogenic side effects. When taken frequently, the body will build up a dependence and tolerance to Ketamine, meaning that the drug must be taken in larger quantities each time just to achieve the desired effects that were first experienced when taking the drug. If you take Ketamine long enough and in large enough doses, you could build up a permanent tolerance and you will never be able to achieve the desired high of the drug again. The need for more of the drug to achieve and sustain a high can easily lead to an accidental overdose.

When taking any psychedelic drug the feeling, emotions, and thoughts of the user will be heightened, sometimes to a dangerous point. If this drug is taken when the user is excessively angry or upset, the trip could end up resembling a nightmare more than it does a nice trippy dream and the outcome of the hallucinations could be deadly.

Ketamine Withdrawals?

Unlike most drugs, there do not seem to be very many physical withdraw symptoms from the use of Ketamine. The hardest part about quitting this drug is the psychological aspect. When you have taken ketamine so long that your brain begins to associate the drug with only pleasurable experiences, you begin to rationalize taking the drug even after you’ve decided to stop. This can be one of the reasons that Ketamine addicts feel as if quitting the drug will be impossible.

Most Ketamine addictions are successfully treated at outpatient rehab facilities, but help is also available in the form of inpatient drug treatment. If Ketamine is being abused, it is probably in conjuncture with other dangerous and illegal substances. The combination of different drugs increases the chance of an overdose, or worse, death. When you enter a program of any kind, you will be sure to receive access to recourses that will help you get to where you want to be.

When you finally decide that you’re serious about quitting and you can’t do it on your own, don’t worry, there is help. In most cases of Ketamine abuse, the cause is more psychological and can be treated with therapy and mood stabilizing drugs. When you can admit to having a problem and ask for help, you will be able to start your life as a drug free member of your community and you will be able to remain on the path of sobriety for the rest of your life, all you have to do is start.