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Lortab Drug Addiction

A combination of acetaminophen and hydrocodone, Lortab is a very popular prescription drug that has a high rate of abuse. Lortab is used for pain and as an effective cough suppressant for those who suffer from a chronic cough. While Lortab is a useful and necessary drug for those who choose to use it as prescribed and who can quit using Lortab when the need subsides, it is incredibly easy to get addicted to and can be an incredibly dangerous habit.

How do I know if I have a problem?

Most of the time an addiction to Lortab happens slowly. The patient is prescribed Lortab for a medical purpose and they find that they need more and more of the drug to achieve the same effects that they were once receiving from a smaller amount. If you find that you are "doctor shopping" or exaggerating your symptoms to receive more medication, you may have a problem with Lortab. If you know that you do not need the medication for a medical purpose but you are still finding illegal means to obtain Lortab, you need to contact Meridian Treatment Solutions immediately to consult with a professional that can recommend the right method of care for your level of addiction.

There Is A Way Out

Meridian Treatment Solutions offers different treatment options based on your level of addiction. If you can stop with an outpatient treatment program there will be little disruption to your daily life, but for most Lortab addicts, an inpatient treatment program may be the best option for you.

What Can I Expect At Meridian Treatment Solutions?

When you make the important decision to get clean and live your life free from the clutches of your Lortab or Hydrocodone addiction, you can count on Meridian Treatment Solutions to help you through your recovery. The first step is discovering whether or not you require detox center. Meridian Treatment Solutions is not a detox facility, but there are several within a close proximity. Once out of detox, the rehab program begins.

Once your withdrawal symptoms are over, you will be able to focus on the next part of your recovery from your Lortab addiction. At Meridian Treatment Solutions we believe that an addiction effects every part of you and that every part must be healed before you are completely free. Mind, body, and soul need to be helped so that when you leave, you will have gained the tools to manage your life correctly free from addiction of any painkillers.

Every day that you spend at a Meridian Treatment Solutions inpatient facility will be filled with activities that are designed to help you learn the skills to overcome stress and anxiety without turning to Lortab. Massage therapy might be the best solution in overcoming a pain related addiction.Once you identify the root of the problem, you will be able to work on recovering your life and putting your addiction in your past.