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Drug addiction is a health concern that most drug users face. A drug user stands a higher risk of infections like HIV, risk of injury and accidents, poor relations and isolation. All factors contribute to reduced quality of life.

Most users are aware of the adverse economic, social and health effects of drug addiction. Despite the knowledge, quitting substance use is a challenge. Drugs affect the brain, giving an addict an irresistible craves to substance use.

Drug rehabilitation is one of the successful ways of managing substance addiction. Drug rehabs, use a set of medical and behavioral interventions to help individual quit substance and fit back into the society.

Effects of Drug Addiction

1. Increased risk of injury

Substance users have a high risk of injuries associated with falls and impaired coordination. Surveys have shown that one of four cases of accident deaths is related to drug addiction.

2. Poor Health

Drug use affects organs of the body. For this reason, most drug users have reduced immunity, increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, liver damage, brain damage, increased risk of stroke, seizures, and death.

3. Behavioral misconduct

An addict faces behavioral issues like confusion, impaired judgment, mood swings and loss of self-control. An addict will always have trouble with the society because of these behavioral problems.

4. Birth defects

Pregnant women who use substance experience pregnancy complications like stillbirths and miscarriages. Similarly, babies born may have low birth weights, malformation and arduous learning and behavioral disorders.

5. Economic problems

Addiction is expensive because most illegal drugs are expensive. Because of the high nature of narcotics, most addicts quit working due to poor relations with workmates and skipped days of work.

Ideally, substance use has got no value in user's life. In most cases, a drug user will end up having trouble with the public, therefore ending up in jail. As well, deteriorated health and increased risk of injury will often lead to early death. The only way to prevent these problems is to quit drug use at Fort Lauderdale Alcohol Addiction Treatment.

Drug Rehabilitation Treatment

A drug rehabilitation center provides rehabilitation services that help substance users to stop the addiction lifestyle. A drug rehab will use detoxification, behavioral modification, treatment of health disorders associated with drug use and relapse prevention to help substance users to overcome their addiction.

1. Detoxification

Medical detoxification is the process used to rid the body of toxins. Assisted detoxification is used to prepare the substance user to start drug rehabilitation. Without detoxification, a user will experience withdrawal symptoms.

Some withdrawal symptoms that a substance user can experience are;

  • Emotional symptoms of depression, anxiety, confusion, and insomnia.
  • Physical symptoms like breathing difficulty, tremors and diarrhea.
  • Some withdrawal symptoms like stroke and hallucinations can be life threatening.

2. Behavioural modification

Behavioral modification is carried out to model the behavior of an addict to that which can be accepted in the society. During the behavioral change, a substance user will be helped to set goals and get the meaning of life.

A substance user will be supported to avoid external factors that might cause undesirable behavior. Additionally, the substance user will be helped to remain committed by focusing on various life goals. Behavioral modification helps people to manage peer pressure, develop problem-solving and conflict resolution skills and develop healthy relations within the society.

3. Dual diagnosis

There is an active concurrent relationship between mental disorders and drug addiction. People with mental disorders often resort to drug use as a way of self-treating emotional disorders such as stress and depression.

For this reason, a sustainable drug rehabilitation program has to manage mental issues that are related to addiction. The dual diagnosis helps addicts to manage the mental disorders without having to use substances.

4. Relapse management

The major objective of a drug rehabilitation program is to provide a long lasting solution to substance use. However, most users are likely to turn into drugs due to an intense craving for the drugs and difficulty adjusting to a sober lifestyle.

Some of the factors that trigger, relapse include overconfidence, unhealthy behavioral patterns, unrealistic expectations, and external situations. Relapse management is designed to address emotional and physical triggers while a substance user tries to fit back into the society.

Some of the strategies used in relapse prevention include;

  • Continuous counselling
  • Family involvement
  • Group therapy, meditation
  • Active participation in exercise and hobbies

Drug rehabilitation is one of the best steps that any drug user will take to turn back into a meaning full and good quality life. Quitting substance use means that one will lead a responsible life, improved health, good relationships with the members of the society and other social and economic benefits.

For clients who are in South Florida, it is recommended that you visit Meridian Treatment Solutions for a consultation. Our rehabilitation experts will help you travel through the arduous recovery journey successfully.

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