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How to Enjoy a Party While Sober

There are many people that enter addiction recovery programs before the age of 18.  Research from The National Survey on Drug Use and Health found, in 2010, that 57 percent of new drug users were under the age of 18. People suffering from an addiction before the age of 18 tend to struggle more with staying sober because ages 18 to 22 are high party times for young adults.  However, it is still possible to stay sober in a party setting although it may put a person’s willpower to the test. Of course, it’s wise to not put yourself in a tempting situation to begin with. But, here we have some helpful tips on how to enjoy partying while sober.

Enjoy the Food

Food is the cornerstone of a good party. It gives people something to do with their hands as they mix and mingle with each other. But, as people start to drink at a party they lose sight of the food until late into the night when the drunk munchies hit. As the sober person at the party, you get first dibs on all the food while everyone else is too busy drinking. Take advantage of your red carpet pass to warm casseroles, delectable appetizers, and savory-sweet treats. Enjoy the party and eat your heart out.

You Get to Have a Fun Night...and Remember it in the Morning

The ability to have a fun time while sober is a freeing sensation. There are no restraints on what you can do when you party sober. All the fun comes without waking up feeling crappy the next day or feeling ashamed of your behavior from the night before. Being the sober one means you get to be the storyteller because you remember everything that happened. There is no substance taking away your wonderful memories of the night. So, enjoy your sober self as you live in the moment and create memories that you will never forget.

Play DJ

A party always needs a good DJ and sitting in the driver’s seat is fun. When you get to control the music you control the crowd and their energy.  Instead of putting on a measly playlist, mix it up with music you enjoy and obscure tracks you have been wanting to share with the world. As the DJ, the mood of everyone at the party is in your control. Play something upbeat for a lively crowd or something chill for a more down-to-earth party. Since you’re playing DJ you will be too distracted to think of anything else. Plus, being DJ means all the music you play are songs you enjoy.


If playing DJ is not your thing, then breaking it down on the dance floor may be more your forte. Dancing is known to give the body an endorphin boost, which helps relieve anxiety and insecurities. So, any party jitters and awkwardness will quickly fade away as you sway to the music. There is no reason to worry if you’re good at dancing or not because most people will be to busy drinking or dancing to even notice. Dancing is a great activity to do at a party because if you’re too busy dancing there is no time to think about any temptations nearby.

Party with Like-Minded People

Don’t ever put yourself into a situation that will hinder your recovery. If partying around drunk people is too tempting or those people don’t respect your boundaries then it’s better to be around different people. A party doesn’t need to have any alcohol or drugs in order to be fun. There are going to be other people recovering from addiction that will want to still have fun parties too. Partying with friends that understand what you’re going through tends to be more fun anyways. Being sober is an important part of your life and you should be around people that respect and understand that.

Therapy Helps

Whether it’s individual therapy or group therapy, it can help prepare people in recovery for a party filled with temptations. Your sponsor or therapy group can tell if you have the willpower to go to a party. Having a support system that believes in you is a great way to feel confident at a party with alcohol and other substances. Talking about any insecurities you have about the upcoming party is a great way to find out if you’re truly ready to attend it. Someone that is recently sober is more likely to lack the ability handle a party filled with alcohol and other substances all around. This all depends on where the person is in their recovery and therapy is the place to figure that out.

Sober Entertainment

There are a lot of entertainment options out in the world that place sobriety and fun together. Dawn raves occur in the early morning, creating ‘conscious clubbing’ as people dance and have fun to club music without alcohol or drugs.  Many running events, day and night, have post-run celebrations that are perfect for sober partying. The color run is a vibrant 5k, filled with colorful fun throughout the run and a party area at the finish line.There are also night runs, like the electric run 5k, where the track and after party are lit up with LED lights everywhere. Be part of online social communities like Clean Fun Network, a community that compiles events together promoting a healthy and sober lifestyle. Sobriety and fun are a reality, all you have to do is get out there and party.

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