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Chemical dependency is a psychological or physical need that develops to use alcohol or other drugs and this need does not go away even when the drug abuse results in negative consequences. Each client at Meridian Treatment Solutions will be assigned a chemical dependency counselor who will work with them every day in one-on-one and group sessions for the entirety of their stay. Counselors will help clients recognize and correct the dysfunctional behavior patterns they have developed due to chemical dependency.

Our chemical dependency counselors will work with clients not only to treat the dependency issues, but also to find out why they exist in the first place. Our counselors are experts at helping clients rebuild productive hobbies and find new ways of dealing with difficulties in their lives without relying on alcohol or other drugs to mask the underlying problems. Our chemical dependency counselors also have group sessions with other clients to help them understand how they can assist the healing process. Our chemical dependency counselors meet with the entire treatment team daily to coordinate efforts to ensure clients are receiving the best and most personalized treatment possible.

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