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Fort Lauderdale doesn't just offer a tropical atmosphere and beautiful sea scape view, it also offers a number of alcohol rehabilitation treatment centers and programs to help addicts get a handle on their addiction and become clean. The number of centers and programs available to choose from vary from AA to Meridian Treatment Solutions which customizes the treatment for the individual patient. Each of these options varies in degree of how helpful the treatment can be for the patient to help them become clean.


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The options that are available in Fort Lauderdale range from hospitalization to recovery centers to AA meetings to help alcoholics drop the bottle and create a healthier and more productive lifestyle. These treatments and programs can be very helpful and have been proven to work well in the recovery process for most alcoholics as well as keep them clean from the time that they quit drinking throughout the rest of their lives by providing people to talk to called sponsors. The job of the sponsor is to help other alcoholics remain sober by talking to them about problems that may cause them to start drinking again. Any time an alcoholic feels the urge to start drinking again, they are encouraged to call their sponsor and talk it out with someone who has been where they are with the addiction and stayed clean for a set number of years.

Other options for treatment include a facility where staff as well as therapists and psychologists are present to talk to patients about their addiction and help them stay clean. This is an extremely helpful tactic in getting sober plus it allows bonds to form naturally between patients so they may help each other in the sobriety process. These bonds form during group activities where the patients share their experiences, much like AA, with a therapist or psychologist is present to direct the flow of the meeting in a productive and positive manner. This is a great option for those of whom who aren’t completely comfortable with the standard AA meeting.

The Decision You Have to Make

The decision between a facility and standard meetings really depends on the alcoholic and should fit their needs, however many facilities such as Meridian Treatment Solutions cater to the needs of all patients by allowing onsite living and treatment as well as onsite visits for treatment to ensure that patients are getting the most out of their care. This can be a simple solution to help someone become sober after long periods of addiction and the help of the staff and medical professionals that is available will help with the detox process as well as the symptoms. You have to keep in mind that getting sober can be a long road for the addict, but they don’t have to walk that road alone. Through the support that can be provided by not only the staff and medical professionals through facilities, family and friends can be the best form of support for an addict as it comes from a friendly and well known face.

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