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How to Get the Best Drug and Alcohol Rehab Insurance

Is Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Worth the Investment?

Entering a rehabilitation treatment center is a huge investment mentally, physically, and financially. However, this investment is worth the amount it takes in order to start living a better life. Many people that decide to go into rehab are fortunate to have good insurance that covers a good chunk (if not all) of the costs. But, finding insurance that provides the right coverage for rehab can be a hassle. Below is some helpful information on how to get the best drug and alcohol rehab insurance.

Rehab Costs That Insurance Needs To Cover

In drug and alcohol rehab there are quite a few different costs to take into account. The covered rehab costs depend on the type of insurance plan you’re on. The main costs people face when entering rehab are for detoxification, treatment, and medication.

Before entering rehab most people must go through a detoxification process. Detoxification costs money because withdrawal symptoms are dangerous and people need to be in a facility with medical professionals on hand. Withdrawal symptoms from quitting drugs or alcohol can bring on severe symptoms that only a medical professional can treat. Treatment costs vary from $1,000 to $25,000 or more and depend on the kind of rehabilitation program you chose. It’s not easy to quit drugs or alcohol. Many patients need medication in order to curb withdrawal symptoms and help stifle drug cravings. Not all insurance plans cover medication but it’s ideal to find a plan that does.

Questions for your Insurance Plan

  • Does my plan provide coverage for drug or alcohol rehabilitation?
  • Do I need a referral from my doctor?
  • Will there be co-payments?
  • Does my insurance limit me to specific rehabilitation facilities?
  • Will my insurance continuously review my treatment?

Of course, ask your insurance provider any question that comes to mind about rehabilitation coverage and costs. In addition, it’s a good idea to understand your plan fully and know if there is anything you have to cover out-of-pocket.

Private vs. Public Insurance

Private insurance is bought individually or as a group plan. A majority of people enroll in private insurance through their employer. While private insurance comes at a higher cost than public insurance, these plans generally provide more coverage for drug and alcohol rehab treatments.

Public insurance is government-funded insurance like Medicare or Medicaid. Costs for a treatment center vary on the type of public insurance plan and some plans only cover certain aspects of addiction treatment. A lot of coverage depends on the state you live in because for public health insurance like Medicaid the treatments covered vary by state.

The list of plans accepted by Meridian Treatment Solutions can be found here. For more information on the insurance we accept for our alcohol and drug addiction treatments please contact us.

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