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Getting To the Root Cause of Your Addiction

For anyone seeking drug or alcohol rehab treatment, relapse statistics can be frightening. Studies show that between 50-90% of rehab patients will relapse at some point. But, here at Meridian Treatment Solutions, we believe we know why patients relapse. We use that knowledge to ensure our clients leave our centers equipped with the best possible shot at a long-term, sustainable recovery for life.

Why Do So Many Addicts Relapse?

Meridian Treatment's CEO and Founder, Hotse Langeraar, is a recovering addict himself. With first-hand experience of the treatment-relapse cycle, Hotse soon realized that relapse prevention depends on the addict developing skills necessary for coping with everyday life. When creating his Fort Lauderdale drug rehab center, he resolved to focus on helping addicts discover the root cause of their addiction.

Many addicts become addicted in the first place because they lack everyday skills other people take for granted. For example, they don't know how to socialize without a crutch, or how to cope with life's ongoing problems. As Hotse puts it, if you don't know or understand the rules of the game, you're going to make up your own rules, and that usually ends badly.

Meridian's treatment programs put an emphasis on helping addicts find ways of feeling like they belong in society. So, when addicts leave rehab they do so with a positive outlook, feeling confident and secure in themselves. We work on addicts ability to problem solve and find coping strategies. We also work on changing an addict's underlying attitude. "Attitude causes behavior", says Hotse, and that is key to understanding how to prevent relapse in the future.

Dual Diagnosis Specialists

It is estimated that at least 50% of addicts have a co-existing mood or personality disorder. At Meridian, we believe that dual diagnosis and dual treatment is essential. So, at our Fort Lauderdale drug rehab center, we work with every client to identify and deal with any co-existing conditions. Again, this helps to prevent relapse. There’s no point in treating the physical addiction if you leave rehab still suffering from unresolved mental health problems.

What Makes Meridian Treatment Different?

In addition to our emphasis on dual diagnosis and finding the root cause of your addiction problem, we offer a wide range of flexible rehab programs which can fit into any set of personal circumstances. Our beautiful, upscale center boasts outstanding facilities in gorgeous surroundings, where you can truly find peace of mind and ease of body.

Every client who attends our Fort Lauderdale drug rehab center has a personal team devoted to their success. This team includes a physician, a nurse, a psychologist, a primary counselor, a case manager, a spiritual counselor, a family counselor, a dietician and a fitness trainer. Each member forms a critical part of the team that will work to get our clients well.

Meridian clients benefit from a wide range of individual and group counseling and therapy. All clients will be encouraged to find meaning in their own skills and talents, and to reflect on the causes of their addiction. We can help addicts learn to socialize and play a good, constructive part in society. These are all things that will give addicts a sense of purpose and belonging, something that was lacking in their life before.

Changing Your Mindset

By working to shift our clients spiritual understanding, we can help shift their behavior. By working to relieve any co-existing mental health conditions, we can help clients adjust their personality where required.  This helps give them the tools to live a fulfilling, healthy life in the wider world.

Offering clinical excellence in a sublime setting, we treat addiction as a three-part issue. At Meridian, we will treat mental obsessions, your physical allergies, and spiritual maladies.

Ultimately, the success or failure of addiction rehab treatment is down to you, the individual client. However, at Meridian, we will give clients all of the tools they need to succeed. Choose to use those tools, and you will be well on the way to a full and lifelong recovery.

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