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Guide To Dealing With Enablers

If you are someone you know is enabling a family member or friend to get away with doing drugs, you are doing them no justice. In fact, you are actually creating a bigger problem, because the addict is continuing to spiral out of control. As long as you continue to protect this person and help them attain their drugs, you will not be able to break the cycle. Below you will discover several tips on how to deal with an enabler.


The first step is to help the individual realize that they are an enabler. Of course, the individual will be in denial and it will be up to you to get them to come to the realization that they are facilitating a drug addict. This is an unhealthy behavioral tactic that needs to be halted in its tracks, but that will not be possible, until the enabler recognizes their damaging actions.

Empowering the Enabler

Once the enabler begins to see their unhealthy traits, then it will be time to help them empower themselves. They will be forced to take on some responsibility for their actions and it will be left up to them to strengthen their mental and physical capacity. This is the perfect time to encourage the individual to commit to a self-help group for enablers. There they will be able to communicate and connect with others that are struggling with the same issues.

Dealing with Guilt

Everyone deals with some sort of guilt, but when that emotion becomes overwhelming, it can alter someone’s thought process. Getting down to the base of the guilt and finding out where it stems from will surely rely on psychiatric counseling. Many parents find themselves in a situation, where they cannot care for their children. Financial, personal, divorce, and addiction are some of the main factors linked to the abandonment of young children.

Addiction Education

Addiction can be a strange term for someone that has never dealt with it. Millions of individuals are addicted to some sort of illegal or prescription drug. The enabler will need to educate themselves on addiction and what causes it. Many medical experts seem to think that addiction is hereditary, which means it is handed down from the parent to the child. If the enabler is suffering from some sort of addiction, they will need to enter an inpatient treatment facility. They will be stuck in this situation, without taking this necessary step.

Hurting the Addict

Once the enabler recognizes their behavior they will begin to realize that they are only hurting their loved one, by providing the resources needed for them to obtain their drugs, without consequences. They will have to open up to the addict and explain to them that they are no longer going to support their addiction. The addict will be totally shocked, by this revelation, so it is possible that they will become extremely angry. Actions will need to be taken to protect the individual from retaliating danger.


Enablers are in denial, but once they realize that their behavior is unhealthy, their entire life will change for the better.

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