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Hotse B. Langeraar


The Founder of Meridian Treatment Solutions, Inc., an Addiction Treatment Center.

Hotse Langeraar lives the American dream as a European immigrant making his home in South Florida. Born in the Netherlands he has lived in Europe, South America and the USA and is fluent in five languages with a working understanding of several more. Before emigrating to the USA in the early 1980’s he worked in and managed addiction treatment facilities in Holland based on the therapeutic community model like Phoenix House and Daytop Village.

In 1978 he changed professional careers and involved himself in the international commodities markets. Since 1990 he has established himself as an investment banker, specializing as an international institutional fixed income dealer.

Nonetheless, the dream of being involved in an exclusive and well managed treatment
facility never left him and when the opportunity arose to venture back into the field he did not

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