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How Stress Is Linked To Drug And Alcohol Abuse

Stress is a major factor that is linked to drug and alcohol addiction. Many people are living and working in stressful conditions that are impossible to ignore. While there are innumerable all-natural techniques that are effective in treating stress in a healthy manner, others choose different alternatives. Below you will discover several reasons why stress is linked to drug and alcohol addictions.

What is Stress?

Stress can be caused by many factors including heavy workloads, rocky relationships, big responsibilities, high demand professions, deadlines, and frustrations. When an individual becomes stressed, the fight-or-flight reaction will be triggered. This natural response is responsible for helping someone cope with the stressors, but in some cases this reaction may be altered. If the neurotransmitters are altered, in any way, the reaction will not be able to work properly. The individual will need to seek an unnatural alternative to dealing with their stress and anxiety.

Consumable Chemicals

Some individuals have a strong family support system, which can come in handy, when they are feeling anxiety, fear, and uncontrollable hopelessness. For those that do not have someone to lean on during these stressful times will be forced to find comfort in illegal drugs. Over time they will obtain a chemical dependency. The brain is a phenomenal organ that has not been fully studied due to its intense structures and capabilities. The brain stem is responsible for breathing and sleeping, while the limbic system controls the ability to feel pleasure. When the addict consumes drug chemicals, the limbic system is activated, which is also how addiction is formed.

Needing Relief

Stress can definitely impact how someone lives, eats, sleeps, and performs their daily and work duties. When this becomes compromised the individual will be in dire need of relief. They turn to prescription and illegal drugs to calm their emotions. This is basically how stress is linked to drug abuse, because the individual will become reliant on the drugs to calm their anxiety. This also allows them to go about their day in a more calm fashion, but over time they become addicted to the drugs. They may attempt to stop taking them, but by this time it is too late.

Stress is bad or good?

Not all forms of stress are bad in fact acute stress will not have enough time to cause severe damage. Once the individual begins to experience extensive stress, their brain will fail to produce hormones and neurotransmitters, which are responsible for reducing stress. They will begin to experience panic attacks. Panic attack symptoms can be so severe that the individual will feel like they are experiencing a heart attack. More fear will begin to build up, because the individual will become paranoid of reoccurring panic attacks. It may come to the point, where the individual is unable to maintain a normal lifestyle.


Seek the advice of a physician, if you begin to experience stress, anxiety, and panic attacks. Find all-natural techniques that are effective in helping you deal with stress, but avoid turning to drugs, as a solution.

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