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How to Choose a Good Drug Rehab in Florida

If you or your loved one is struggling with a Substance Use Disorder, and truly want to turn your life around, a reliable and professional Drug Rehab in Florida can help you recover and regain control.

But how do you choose the right one?

There are so many choices…

Here are some important criteria you must not overlook:

Licenses, Accreditations and Memberships

Attending a recovery program may be one of the most important decisions you’re ever going to make.

You are going to entrust others with your life and hope they will guide you to recovery.

Entrust your life to a Drug Rehab in Florida that is licensed and accredited by government and professional bodies.

To get licensed and accredited, a Drug Rehab in Florida must meet clinical, ethical, safety and other criteria. This is your assurance that you’re getting the best quality care possible.

Also, it is a good idea to see if the center is a member of national associations, such as NAMI. It shows that the center is involved in the industry, recognized by peers and gets constant updates on new effective therapies and practices.

Seek the following Licenses, Accreditations and Memberships:

Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Health Care Organizations (aka The Joint Commission), FARR (Florida Association of Recovery Residences), DCF (Florida Department of Children and Families), AHCA (Florida Association for Health Care Administration) and NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness).

Meridian Treatment Solutions is a leading Drug Rehab in Florida that has the licenses, accreditation, and memberships that ensure the highest level of care and accountability.

Drug Rehab in Florida

Specialty Programs and Treatments

Treatment takes some time…and there is no “one-size-fits-all” program.

Just offering a “standard” inpatient program with “standard” treatments may simply not be enough…

Seek a unique approach and diverse treatments, giving yourself a better chance to receive treatment that will give you the best outcomes.

A Unique Program

Meridian Treatment Solutions is a Drug Rehab in Florida that offers a unique, 3-pronged treatment approach that’s combined with a high staff-to-client ratio, giving you the treatment you simply can’t find anywhere else.

We provide Personalized Care + "Mind, Body & Spirit" Approach + Tools & Skills.

This combination is unique and can give you the highest chances of long-term sobriety.

Specialty Treatments of a Drug Rehab in Florida

At Meridian, you’ll receive a wide variety of Clinical and Holistic Treatments, so you can discover what works best for you. We offer specialty treatments that are rare in the rehab industry, including:

Does a Drug Rehab in Florida Treat Mental Conditions As Well?

This is one of the most important questions you may ask.


Even if you don’t think you have a mental health condition, studies have shown that in most cases, Substance Use Disorder clients also struggle with other problems, such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, and so on—these are known as Co-Occurring Disorders.

It’s perfectly okay not to suspect you may have a mental health condition…in most cases clients don’t know it. They discover it by a proper clinical assessment conducted at the rehab facility.

You should choose a rehab that can treat your underlying issues, otherwise, the chances for long-term recovery are significantly lower.

Meridian Treatment Solutions is a Licensed and Accredited Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment Facility whose staff is trained and experienced in helping clients who need to address a variety of issues beyond addiction.

Not only we can treat Co-Occurring disorders, but we treat Primary Mental Health issues, as well.

What do others say about the facility?

You’ve done your research, found a good facility, but what do others say about it?

Read the reviews!

Find the Drug Rehab in Florida on Google and on Facebook, see the ratings and read the comments from past clients. This is one way you can see if what the facility claims is true – social proof.

Don’t compare by the number of reviews…compare by rating and quality.

You can have a rehab with 500 reviews and a 4.1 rating, and this may be an indicator that this facility is a large, “factory”-like rehab. Getting personal attention and care may be difficult there.

Sometimes a smaller rehab with a higher rating, closer to 5.0, can show you that this facility is not about huge quantities of clients, but rather about quality and personal care.

You can easily find all the information online, using Google, Facebook and their website.

Take the time for research – and a good Drug Rehab in Florida will take the time to help you recover.

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