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Does Golden Rule Insurance Cover Drug Rehab?

It depends on your specific plan.

Drug Addiction Signs

There are many signs to being a drug addict, but the main one is clarified by your need for the drugs. If you feel like you cannot function, survive, or maintain your career, without drugs, you may be an addict. Many drug addicts will experience weight loss, decreased appetite, nervousness, and drug cravings. The need to have the drugs will overpower everything else in your life. Your family and personal relationships will suffer greatly because you will not care about anything else, but obtaining and using the drugs.

Drug Rehab Programs

Will your insurance plan cover rehab? Many people will seek out to their insurance provider for assistance, with getting into a high quality, drug rehab program. Most insurance companies will cover for inpatient and outpatient treatments, but each healthcare plan offers a variety of options. Golden Rules Insurance Company offers many different plans that will pay for an extended-stay drug program, but you may be required to pay a small co-pay.

24-Hour Treatment Options

Golden Rule Insurance Company offers a 24-hour treatment option program. A registered nurse is on duty, at all times so you can give them a call and find out what your treatment options are. They will be able to tell you, if your plan covers the costs of an inpatient drug program, which is your best option.

Complications Of Drug Addictions

There are many complications that you may be faced with, if you continue to be a hardcore drug addict. It is not uncommon to suffer liver, lung, and brain damage from the excessive use of illegal drugs. Your liver is responsible for the metabolizing of drugs and food; this can become compromised over time. There are many different preventative screenings that you should consider undergoing to make sure that your body and organs are functioning properly. Most insurance policies cover healthcare screenings, which is definitely a plus.

Independent Living

Independent living is a great option, after an inpatient drug rehabilitation program. This will allow you the opportunity to live among others that are recovering from drug addiction. You will be able to collaborate with your roommates to create a daily living plan that is suitable for your needs. This wonderful program will provide you with extra time to heal, before you have to return home. Many people find that they can maintain their sobriety longer, if they enter independent living, after discharge. You will have many recreational activities to keep you occupied so that you will not need to sit around and think about doing drugs. The urge to relapse will be very strong in the beginning of your sobriety, but overtime, you will be able to fight off these urges easier.

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