Does Kaiser Permanente Insurance Cover Drug Rehab?

It depends on your specific plan.

Drug Treatment Support with Kaiser Permanente Insurance

In America, there are many beneficial insurance companies, which offer coverage for a variety of different diseases. In the past few months, the country has gone under a major transformation, due to the Affordable Care Act. This crazy new law is hated and loved, with nearly everyone picking a side. Of course, there are some very beneficial changes, which have gone into effect and have improved consumer’s insurance plans. With the Kaiser Permanente Insurance Company, it is now possible for consumers to seek more treatment options for a wider variety of different conditions and diseases. As a matter of fact, individuals, who are enrolled in these plans, can now enroll in comprehensive drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs, in order to escape their substance addictions.

Counseling to Discover

Drug addiction can be a very mysterious disease, in which the overall cause is hidden deep inside of the sufferer. The truth of the matter is that it takes a great amount of counseling, in order to discover the truth behind an individual’s substance abuse problems. Although one-on-one counseling can be extremely effective, some individuals will be able to find much more effective treatment, by seeking out counseling, within a group or with their family members. Some individuals thrive in this type of environment, which helps them open up and speak about their underlying problems and issues.

Fitness and Exercise

When it comes down to it, there are many mental health and behavioral experts that believe fitness and exercise can be an effective treatment for drug abuse. The professionals at Meridian Treatment Solutions agree with this assessment. The fact of the matter is that exercise can take your mind off of your troubles, while allowing you to rid your body of stress. It can also help to boost your confidence and self esteem. Overall, a good exercise and fitness program can be a very powerful way to overcome your addictions.

Other forms of therapy

At the Meridian Treatment Solutions facilities, you will be able to undergo a number of different treatments, which will drive you forward to success. For starters, you will be able to benefit from yoga and meditation. Again, these are two types of minimal exercises, which can release stress and frustrations from your mind and body, while cleansing your soul. Although these may not be effective for everything, they can definitely move you in the right direction.

Committing to a program

Before you agree to commit to a long-term program, it is extremely wise to look at your options. Remember that the facility offers four individual programs, which range from day only to total inpatient treatment. If you’re in need of total treatment, you will definitely want to commit yourself to the inpatient treatment. This is certainly the best way to go, if you do not trust yourself out in the world, without a guide.


Overall, you should remember to consider all of your family members, before enrolling in a program. Remember that getting clean and sober will help you, but it will also improve the lives of everyone in yours.


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