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Does LifeWise Health Plan of Oregon Insurance Cover Drug Rehab?

It depends on your specific plan.

Guide To Finding A Successful Recovery Program

Everyone knows that drug addiction can turn deadly, if untreated. If you are experiencing severe symptoms from drug addiction, it is time to seek treatment today. There are thousands of drug recovery programs that are wonderful and actually work in helping those gain their sobriety. It may be difficult to find a rehab that is near your location and one that your insurance plan will cover. If you are in doubt, you can always contact LifeWise Health Plan of Oregon to find a nearby facility.

Desperation & Despair

It is very common for drug addicts to feel desperate, when it comes to their drug habits. Not only are you destroying your family, but also you are harming your health and overall wellbeing. Desperation will force you to do lots of things and even reach out to every drug dealer on your block to find a fix. If you are sick and tired of feeling and looking desperate, then it is time to sign yourself into a drug program, as soon as possible.

Accredited And State Licensed

There are lots of recovery programs that are not state certified or licensed to provide care to individuals that are in dire need of help with their drug addictions. It is vital to your recovery that you find a program or facility that is highly qualified to help you with your problem. Just because the facility says that they are a drug rehab, does not make it so. Do your own research on the facilities that are in your locality, before you actually choose one. Read former and current customer reviews and see how effective these programs were for others, just like you.

Aftercare Programs

It is vital for your sobriety that you commit to an aftercare program, but you must first find a recovery program that offers this type of treatment. Meridian offers so many different types of treatments and therapies that can help you earn your sobriety and keep it. Their thirty to ninety day inpatient/outpatient treatments are perfect for those that need a higher tier of drug rehab. If you are addicted to heroin or cocaine, you are going to be forced to stay in a facility for as long as you need to, but you will need your insurance to pay for the costs, because it is very expensive.

Living Among Sober Adults

One of the best ways to continue your treatment process, after being discharged from an inpatient facility is sober living. You will be living with other sober adults that are still seeking treatment for their addictions. This is a form of intensive, outpatient therapy that truly works and should be included in your overall treatment plan. Of course, this means that you will be away from your family longer, but it is vital for your sobriety. You will still be able to go to work and visit your family often, while you are receiving treatment and therapy, during the day. This is an extra reinforcement that will help you maintain your sobriety.

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