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Does Universal American Corporation Insurance Cover Drug Rehab?

It depends on your specific plan.

Guide To Helping You Learn How Drug Rehab Works

Many drug users will be too afraid to enter a drug rehab facility because they do not know what to expect. This facility is there to help you recover and get healthy, not sabotage your progress. Finding the right facility has never been easier than with Universal American Corporation insurance company. This group knows how difficult and embarrassing it is for you and that is why they designed a confidential hotline for you to access, when you are ready for a treatment option.


In order to get admitted into an inpatient drug care facility, you may be forced to undergo a physical, mental exam, as well as a drug screen. You may also be required to get preauthorization, before your insurance will cover the costs. Whatever is necessary for you to get treatment for your drug addiction is exactly what you should do. If your insurance company wants you to jump through fire hoops, then that is what you need to do. All of these things can save your life, but not without the best recovery center, which is Meridian Treatment Solutions.

Admission Process

Once you are preauthorized, you will be escorted to the inpatient facility. There you will have to go through an admission process, which will consist of a physical and mental exam. A nurse will check your blood pressure, pulse, and take a full medical history, along with a drug history. All of these are necessary in order for the psychiatrist to decide what treatment will be more effective toward your drug addiction. Every drug should be treated in a different manner, which is exactly what Meridian does; they know how important this process is to your recovery and sobriety.

Meeting The Staff

After the admission process, you will be escorted to your room. You may have a roommate, which will allow you the opportunity to create a new friendship in the mist of your recovery. You will also meet the many staff members that will be taking care of your every need. A counselor, nurse, medical physician, psychiatrist, and a dietician will be part of your team and your treatment. Meridian believes in holistic healthcare, which is necessary for all the aspects of your treatment.


Meridian offers some recreational activities that you can join to keep your mind busy. All of these activities are very healthy for your brain and soul. It is important that you partake of these activities so that you will not be cooped up in your room. All of these recreations will help divert your mind from drugs because your urges are going to be out the roof. Hopefully, you will find something that you enjoy so much that you will want to continue, after you are discharged from the facility. Finding a hobby that you enjoy will help keep your mind busy, while you are trying to get sober. Family time will also be allowed so that your family can participate in your recovery, treatment, and sobriety.

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