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Is Social Media a Link to Drug Abuse?

Throughout the years, technology has completely reinvented the way people perform some of life’s mundane tasks. Now, people can instantly share messages, pictures and videos with others from all around the world. Although this can be very beneficial and fun, it can potentially lead to problems. In fact, there are many researchers, who believe that drug abuse could potentially be linked to social media. Is this the case? Below, you will be able to learn all about this potential connection and how to keep your family safe!

Peer Pressure

When it comes down to it, peer pressure is a major problem among all individuals. Although it is generally geared towards youth, peer pressure is still capable of influencing the train of thought of adults. With this in mind, it is essential to remember that peer pressure can generate itself online. In fact, it is highly visible on all social media websites. By signing up and using one of these sites, you actually subject yourself to this pressure, which could encourage you to use drugs. The problem can be enhanced and worsen, if you’re sharing messages with people that live nearby.

The Stigma of Social Media

In actuality, there are a variety of problems, which are associated with social media, especially when it comes to the younger generation. Youth tend to post a lot of negative images on these websites. For instance, they post pictures of alcohol, drugs and the use of these things. Suffice to say, this can generate a major problem. Whenever other people witness this type of behavior, it is possible for them to become influenced and feel the urge to do the same. Sadly, a recent study conducted concluded that children between the age of 12 and 17 were encouraged to use drugs, after seeing teens using drugs on these sites.

Other Problems

Of course, this isn’t the only problem associated with social media websites. It is vital to remember the types of individuals, who are accessible on these websites. Some of the world’s most popular stars have profiles on the most popular social media networks. Unfortunately, children look up to some of these people and are led astray. Some of Hollywood’s stars and other influencers tend to flaunt their use of drugs and alcohol. Since the younger generation look up these individuals, they can very well be influenced into following in their shoes and trying them out. Unless the problem is rectified, it can worsen and can result in a drug addiction.

Take Appropriate Steps

As a parent, it is vital to take the appropriate steps to protect your children from this type of influences. Make sure that you follow their online activities and prevent them from accessing these images. If parental controls are available, they should be incorporated to prevent this type of material from being displayed.


Suffice to say, social media can very well be a major cause of drug abuse. It is vital to use these websites appropriately, in order to avoid influencers! Parents need to monitor their children more thoroughly, in order to prevent this type of behavior from happening.

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