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Joint Commission Accreditation: Why It Is Important

joint commission accredited drug rehabIf you are looking for a healthcare facility that is appropriately accredited and recognized by your state government, then you should look no further than The Joint Commission list of top hospitals. Although, many know this non-profit system, as the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), it still requires medical facilities to follow a set standard and clinical guideline, in order to receive Medicare reimbursement.

Healthcare Facilities

There are currently over twenty thousand American healthcare facilities that are certified by this group. Each one of them has worked diligently to provide the highest element of care to their patients. This is by far anything, but easy. TJC does not only accept the verbal acknowledgement that these businesses are following the guidelines to a tee. A surveyor performs an on-site, quality check to make sure that they are following through, with their promises.

Patient Survey

JTC ensures the patients that they have a say in this process. Every patient is provided with a survey, which will allow them the opportunity to rate, score, and voice their opinion on the type of service and care that was provided to them. These are collected, upon discharge and turned into the board members. They in turn will review each and every one of them and if they are not suitable, they will follow-up, with an immediate audit to determine, if the hospital followed protocol or strayed from their commitments.

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Treatment Protocol

Hospitals have been following a treatment guideline, since the beginning of time. This mostly involves trying to determine a primary diagnosis and providing the proper treatment, at the appropriate time. Say for instance, if someone enters the emergency room, with complaints of angina (chest pain), hospital staff is required to administer sublingual nitroglycerin immediately, wait five minutes, then administer another one, up to three tablets. If this protocol is not followed accordingly, it could potentially threaten the patient’s life. JTC insures that these very important protocols are followed, without delay. Non-emergency, medical interventions are also looked at, as well.

Community Hospital

Almost all patients that are receiving Medicare will be forced to enter a non-profit, community hospital, because they are so widely spread throughout the United States. These facilities accept Medicare as a form of payment, but this is not to say that you are not going to receive the same quality of care, as a for-profit, community hospital. Not many senior citizens or others can afford to totally rely on private insurance coverage or spend out of pocket for services rendered, so this is why they choose non-profit over for-profit healthcare providers.

Symbol of Quality

Every medical facility must go through a rigorous step by step accreditation application, on-site survey, and pay a specified fee, before they ever receive their certification. JTC also ensures that all potential applicants are licensed and registered to conduct its scope of services. Once the facility is accepted and receives their certification, this does not mean that JTC’s job is complete. The organization continues to evaluate and monitor all medical facilities to make sure that they are following the Joint Commission standards. All accredited facilities must agree to these evaluations, in order to maintain their status.

Accredited Facilities

If you are looking for a drug treatment center that is fully accredited by JTC, then you should look no further than Meridian Treatment Solutions. You can rest assured that you will receive the highest quality of treatment possible. JTC accreditation is by far one of the most esteemed, statuses that a medical facility can hold and that is why our treatment facility is a member of this very prestige, non-profit organization.

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