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Living with an Alcoholic – Do’s, Don’ts, and How to Choose an Alcohol Rehab in Florida

If you are in a relationship with an alcoholic, there is no doubt that your life has many challenges. No one is prepared for this situation beforehand and knows how to deal an alcoholic husband or wife.

You may experience irresponsible behavior, possible loss of a job, loss of mutual friends…the list goes on.

Most often alcoholism brings with it financial hardship, criminality, domestic violence, and erratic behavior. You may feel obligated to support your loved one, rescue your spouse from jail, react to medical emergencies and accidents, fix the damaged property, replace possessions and more.

You are hoping—hoping for a change, hoping for a better life…

Hope is a strong emotion, however, in the case of alcoholism, hope is simply not enough.

If you are living with an alcoholic, here is what you should and shouldn’t do, and how our Alcohol Rehab in Florida can help…

Don’ts List

Do not cover it up

Hiding or lying about your spouse’s problem is contributing to denial. Hiding it can actually give your partner an excuse to continue drinking. “If no one knows about it, I can just keep on drinking…”

Do not accept any abuse

Being drunk is not an excuse for any verbal, physical or sexual abuse. This is a red line you should draw for yourself. Don’t live your life in an abusive relationship! Get help.

Do not encourage drinking

Never buy alcohol and never help them sober up. They must understand that alcoholism is not acceptable by you and you will not participate in anything related to drinking.

Do’s List

Take care of financial matters

Living with an alcoholic spouse or partner can cause not only emotional or physical harm but financial harm, as well. Take care of your financial matters, for your own and your family’s sake. Talk with your banker or other professional financial advisors to see which options are available for you.

Find time for yourself

You are not to blame for this situation and if you are stressed to the limit, the chances of the addict’s recovery and your healing as a family will be lower. It’s important to keep your social bonds strong and vibrant. Spend time with friends, continue with your hobbies and find ways to relax.

Get help for your spouse

If you truly want to change your life, offer help. Explain to them why getting help is so important for them, for you and your family.

A reliable and professional Alcohol rehab in Florida can help your spouse or partner regain control of their life.

But why an Alcohol rehab in Florida and not Montana?

Simply because Meridian Treatment Solutions is in Florida, and we are a top-rated facility with a unique program:

Alcohol rehab in Florida with a unique treatment approach

We strive to be a leading Alcohol rehab in Florida, offering our unique 3-pronged treatment approach, combined with a high staff-to-client ratio.

This gives you the treatment you simply can’t find anywhere else.

We provide Personalized Care + "Mind, Body & Spirit" Approach + Tools & Skills.

This combination is unique and can offer the highest chances of long-term sobriety.

Specialty Treatments

rehabilitation centers near Miami

We offer effective clinical and holistic treatments, thus providing a richer experience and higher chances of success.

During group, individual and family therapy sessions facilitated by experienced addiction treatment professionals, clients are exposed to a variety of evidence-based therapy techniques, including:

Our Alcohol rehab in Florida also treats Dual-Diagnosis Clients

It is very common for alcohol addiction clients also to struggle with other problems, such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, and so on. These are known as Co-Occurring Disorders or Dual-Diagnosis.

co-occurring disorders treatment

Meridian Treatment Solutions is not only an Alcohol rehab in Florida, but also a Licensed and Accredited Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment Facility, whose staff is trained and experienced in helping clients who need to address a variety of issues beyond addiction.

You will receive the treatment you need no matter what situation you may have, all under one roof– addiction or dual-diagnosis.


After treatment, ongoing support is vital for successful recovery, and we go the extra mile for our clients with Meridian Treatment "Heroes” Alumni Program.

florida drug rehab

We strive to be a leading Alcohol rehab in Florida and we take great pride in the Continuum of Care; Our "Heroes” Alumni Program is offered to each client completing treatment, thus providing them with a support system that they can count on indefinitely.

At Meridian Treatment, our alumni continue to learn how to live successfully after treatment and enjoy the many benefits that life has to offer—all in a supportive, loving environment.

Effective Treatment in Beautiful South Florida Location

Surroundings are important to a positive treatment experience. We are located in the sunny South Florida, in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, just minutes’ walking distance from the beach.

Our upscale facilities and beautiful surrounding can give you not only the effective treatment you need, but a pleasant stay as well.


Despite the hardships you may go through now, there are things you can do to improve your life. Show your spouse or partner that you will not tolerate this kind of behavior, but that you will stand by them if they receive the treatment they so desperately need.

Choose a Licensed and Accredited, Top-Rated facility, like Meridian Treatment Solutions.

All Florida Rehabs are not the same.

Rehab is not easy—choose the best.


Meridian Treatment Solutions
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