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When most people think of a luxury recovery center, they think about celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Selena Gomez, and Ke$ha who all have spent thousands of dollars to go to rehab centers that cater to the rich and famous. People have this predetermined thought that luxury recovery centers only cater the high class and rich, however that is far from true. You don't have to have a lot of money to go to a luxury recovery center to get the help you truly need with your addictions.

Difference between Regular and Luxury Rehab

The main difference between regular and luxury recovery centers is the choices in treatment. Luxury recovery centers address the specific needs and preferences of the person dealing with addiction to make them more comfortable with the surroundings, staff, and treatment provided. The more comfortable the patient is, the easier it will be for them to concentrate on handling their addiction and their recovery. Luxury recovery centers may offer the same amenities as a resort or hotel on top of the addiction related activities, however it has been proven that a certain level of comfort is more productive to helping assist patients with their addiction problems than just the typical activities offered by a regular rehab center.

What to look for in a positive rehab environment?

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The first thing that you will want to look for in a positive rehab environment is their detoxification services, including comprehensive medical care and treatment that will help with the physical symptoms of withdrawal. Doctors may be able to make the patient more comfortable while their body adjusts to living without the chemical addiction through the use of non-addictive medications. You will also need to see that the staff is highly certified and medically experienced in dual diagnosis since most patients suffer with more than just their addiction or something medical that helps them feed that addiction. You may also want to see what therapy options they have that addresses the needs of every individual patient which is necessary to a good treatment program. You want to ensure they have a board-certified substance abuse counselor on staff so the patient as well as family and friends can speak with to help the patient handle their addiction. Also the introduction to a 12-step program may also be helpful to the patient to help continue their success after leaving the facility.

When handling an addiction problem, it is best to act quickly to handle the problem before it can become worse or cause serious medical problems. Drug addiction is a serious concern as a single overdose can place the person handling the addiction in serious danger. Overdoses can cause a variety of medical problems that the person with the addiction will have to deal with for the rest of their life and even death which can cause emotional trauma to the family and friends of the person with the addiction. Statistics have proven that providing the person with the addiction to the best care available is the best option and luxury recovery centers will be able to provide the patient with the utmost care to help them handle their addiction.

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