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What is National Recovery Month About?

The national observance of National Recovery Month occurs every September. It's a time to educate Americans on substance abuse treatment and mental health services that aid addicts on their path of recovery. Due to recovery programs, people with a substance abuse disorder have the ability to lead a healthy and sober life. Additionally, National Recovery Month highlights the benefits of recovery programs and mental health services for those suffering from an addiction or disorder. In the past, this national observance was referred to as National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month or Treatment Works! Month.

How Did it Start?

Since 1989, the United States has recognized every September as National Recovery Month in an effort to raise awareness of substance use and mental disorders and recovery treatment for them. The national observance month started as Treatment Works! Month honoring the work of substance use treatment professionals. In 1998, the observance became National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month. It expanded to celebrate the accomplishment of recovery for those with substance use disorders. Eventually, in 2011, the national observance fully evolved into National Recovery Month to include all aspects of behavioral health beyond addiction. Read about the 20 years of achievements, which showcases success in the recovery field along with the evolution of the national observance.

What is it All About?

National Recovery Month is a way to celebrate people in recovery and the services that help them get there. In fact, this month brings awareness to the public that recovery treatments and mental health services work. Millions of Americans have their lives transformed into a much healthier version every year thanks to recovery services. These successful stories frequently go unnoticed by the rest of the American population. So, National Recovery Month serves as a way to acknowledge all the accomplishments made by those in recovery. Every September thousands of recovery treatment centers and programs celebrate Recovery Month. People speak up about their success with recovery. This helps increase awareness of the services that help those with mental and substance abuse disorders.

National Recovery Month 2017

This year marks the 27th year of National Recovery Month. Throughout the last 27 years, this month has given prominence to the many successes and growth within the recovery community. The experiences and accomplishments of individuals in recovery are shared throughout the month to serve as an inspiration to others looking to get sober. By sharing their stories the country is shown how much recovery programs and mental health services help people with substance abuse disorders. Equally important, is for Recovery Month to encourage Americans to take more action to help increase and improve the availability of recovery services all over the country. In order to provide more help for those in need, recovery month becomes the voice of millions that benefit from recovery services.

The theme of National Recovery Month 2017 is Join The Voice For Recovery: Strengthen Families and Communities. Below is the logo that represents this month’s theme.

The Next Step

The biggest way to provide help for the recovery community is to spread the word. Particularly, help with an increase of your knowledge on different types of recovery services. In fact, help out by discussing facts and issues of recovery with your peers. For more information, the official website of Recovery Month can be found here.

Furthermore, learning about National Recovery Month should be an inspiration for all to support recovery programs. If you or a loved one need help in recovery contact Meridian Treatment Solutions today.

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