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Post Hurricane Irma Meridian Treatment Solutions Update

FT LAUDERDALE - SEPTEMBER 10: A canal near downtown Ft. Lauderdale, FL September 10, 2017 as Hurricane Irma's wind and rain take effect. (Photo by Andrew Innerarity/For The Washington Post via Getty Images)

How the Meridian Staff Handled Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma had a huge impact on South Florida. It caused damage to various places and many people were without power for quite awhile. This hurricane brought on a lot of stress for everyone but it was extremely hard on our clients in recovery. Thankfully, Meridian Treatment Solutions has an amazing team that put their immense effort into preparing clients for the hurricane. The dedication the Meridian team had for the client’s safety before, during, and after hurricane Irma was absolutely amazing.

In Florida, even in Texas due to hurricane Harvey, there were many cases at other facilities where many clients relapsed from taking advantage of the turmoil. There were many recovery facilities that experienced multiple against medical advice departures. Clients were leaving facilities in droves, taking advantage of disorganized staff, sloppy preparations, and an environment that felt unsafe. All in all, this shows how important it is for recovery facilities to have a hurricane emergency plan in place.

Meridian was fortunate enough to not experience the many mishaps and problems occurring at the other facilities. This was all due to the efforts, care, and dedication of the Meridian staff. Clients of our facility were provided a safe environment and all the necessary care the needed throughout and after the hurricane. Our staff was organized and prepared for this hurricane and we plan to be equally prepared in the future. We treat our clients like family and we always put their safety and well-being first.

“Our clients felt safe, taken care of, and genuinely appreciated,” said Hotse Langeraar, the CEO of Meridian Treatment Solutions. We are proud of our staff at Meridian and appreciate the commitment they give to make our facility a great one.

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