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Rehab in Florida

The Importance of Aftercare in the Treatment of Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Why it is vital to have Aftercare as part of Drug and Alcohol treatment?

Here is a story of our nation’s substance use struggle and one Rehab in Florida that’s committed to help.

Addiction is an epidemic, and according to reports, over 20 million people nationwide suffer from drug and alcohol abuse issues. The addiction problem costs a staggering $700 billion annually for taxpayers. Crime, homelessness, job loss, health issues…and the list goes on.

According to a report by CNN in 2016, deaths from overdoses are rising in all 50 states. Drugs are now the number-one cause of accidental death.

Undoubtedly, the cycle of addiction must be broken.

Following are different types of aftercare. Meridian Treatment Solutions, a premiere Rehab in Florida, has many options to offer.

Aftercare in Recovery

Rehab in Florida

In most cases, a person begins their recovery after a long period of Drug or Alcohol abuse—typically years.

Attending a Rehab in Florida with a 30- to 45-day Inpatient Treatment Program like Meridian’s is the first step in the recovery process. However, it is not enough.

It takes time to understand and treat the underlying issues and develop the trust and rapport between the therapist and the client.

Clients may come from unsupportive or unhealthy environments, in which a change of “people, places and things” may be necessary to begin the process of positive change. Clients may also have a history of chronic relapse.

Inpatient treatment provides the necessary environment to begin to properly treat the underlying issues that led to the addiction and gain the tools and knowledge to break the relapse cycle.

Once inpatient and outpatient treatment is completed, the next phase of recovery is known as Aftercare.

Types of Aftercare


Rehab in Florida

Individual and family therapy can help individuals:

  • Keep working on issues they’ve begun working on during inpatient treatment
  • Open an honest discussion with family members and spouses and reflect on behavior patterns that enabled the client’s self-destructive lifestyle
  • Provide the emotional support needed for the recovery process
  • Set and achieve meaningful goals for recovery and life
  • Work on skills they’ve already learned and develop new coping skills and tools

Support groups

rehab in florida

Attending support groups like NA, AA, Smart Recovery and others can help individuals regularly address their addiction and recovery process in a supportive environment, surrounded by individuals with similar issues. These support groups can give the opportunity to develop long-term friends and confidants.

During treatment at Meridian Treatment Solution’s Rehab in Florida, clients are exposed to a variety of support groups, and prepared for the future.

Transitional Care Programs

Rehab in Florida

Rehab in Florida

For many people, going back to an unhealthy environment is not an option. Getting away from negative places, people and things is extremely important to maintaining sobriety.

In many cases, the person in recovery just does not feel ready to make the leap to individual living. Transitional/sober living is an excellent option.

Our Rehab in Florida also has an Intensive Outpatient Program

Attending Meridian Treatment Solution’s Rehab in Florida and being part of our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) can give clients the opportunity to continue living in a safe, structured sober environment and work in the community while continuing the support and structure of treatment.

Clients begin implementing the recovery skills developed throughout the program and can process their experience in a safe and supportive group environment. By doing this, they begin to establish a foundation for life-long sobriety.

Alumni Programs

As you progress through and then complete outpatient treatment, you begin to go back to the “real world” where will need to work, take care of yourself and family, and work at staying clean and sober.

Support and motivation are vital, and being involved in an Alumni program is highly recommended.

Alumni programs help with the ongoing recovery process by keeping you connected with your treatment facility peers, as well as those in recovery outside the treatment center.

Advice, education, fun sober activities and the genuine care and support you can receive from the alumni program can help you stay on track and maintain a happy, sober lifestyle.

Here is more information about Meridian Treatment's "Heroes" Alumni Program

Meridian Treatment Solutions is the Rehab in Florida that provides the aftercare you need

We strive to be a leading Rehab in Florida, offering our unique 3-pronged treatment approach that’s combined with high staff-to-client ratio. This gives you a treatment experience you simply can’t find anywhere else.

We provide Personalized Care + "Mind, Body & Spirit" Approach + Tools & Skills. This combination is unique and can give you the highest chances of long-term sobriety.

We take great pride in our Continuum of Care, providing aftercare for all our clients.

During Inpatient treatment in our Rehab in Florida, our clients exposed to a variety of support groups, and get closely familiar with them.

After completing the Inpatient Program, clients continue their success in our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP).

Meridian’s "Heroes” Alumni Program is offered to each client completing treatment, thus providing them with a support system that they can count on indefinitely.



rehab in florida

Aftercare is important, and there are many options available for you.

Meridian Treatment Solutions is a Rehab in Florida that provides unique and effective treatment with several aftercare options.

Meridian Treatment Solutions
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