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There are many different types of programs for addiction treatment, even in a single part of the country. For example, not every New Jersey rehab clinic is going to have the same types of methods as others. Some programs include things like holistic approaches, and focus on the entire body in a more physical sense, rather than just focusing on the mind. However, the mind is where the real treatment gets done so that the patient can change his or her behaviors to stay clean.

Gender-specific rehabilitation programs are also available. It can be a good way to recover with no distractions from members of the opposite sex.

Detox Phase

Detox is generally the first stage of an inpatient rehab program. During this phase, the patient needs to slowly be weaned off the substance that they are addicted to. Since people are dependent on these substances, there might be certain withdrawal symptoms that can be expected. Sometimes these symptoms are extremely severe, and could possibly be fatal. This is why detox needs to be undertaken at a professional and fully supervised treatment facility. For people who have behavioral-based addictions, detox is not generally necessary.

Psychological Phase

After a patient’s body has been freed of physical dependance, the psychological part of addiction can be treated. This phase generally includes using psychological, medical, and peer help. This part of the recovery process needs to be specially catered for each individual’s needs. This can include things like courses in life skills, one-on-one counseling appointments, group therapy sessions, and other included activities that can help people to redevelop themselves as individuals, without addictive behaviors.


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