Types of Addiction Rehab Programs In Philadelphia

If you are looking for some help dealing with a substance abuse problem, whether it is drug addiction, alcoholism, or some other behavioral problem, it helps to take a look at all of your options. There is more than one type of program, and there are many different Philadelphia rehab clinics available, as well as many in other parts of the country.

Take a look at the different types of addiction rehab programs that are available, so that you can make the right choice when seeking help.

Residential Programs (Inpatient)

Inpatient rehab programs involve people actually living at the rehab facility, full time. This requires a large commitment, but it is sometimes the only solution for people who are heavily addicted, or have relapsed previously. Detox is generally the first part of one of these programs, as people need to safely get rid of their physical addiction, without risking their health from withdrawal symptoms. During a residential rehab program, people attend daily activities, such as individual counseling sessions and group therapy.

Partial Hospitalization

This is best for patients who need ongoing monitoring by medical professionals, but have managed to attain a stable lifestyle. This type of program does not require the patient to remain at the rehab center full time, and usually only involves 3 to 5 days out of each week, for around 4 to 6 hours each day.

Intensive Outpatient Programs

Otherwise known as IOP, this is not the same as an inpatient, or live-in program. However, it will still require a huge commitment of time and focus. Intensive outpatient programs require around 3 or more days per week, usually, for 2 to 4 hours of each of those days, or more. The key goal with these types of programs in preventing relapse. However, IOP is a good option for people who need to continue to attend school, work, or are required to look after their family.

Sober Living

This is a type of care that usually follows more intensive programs, such as inpatient rehab. Patients will live with others who are also recovering from addiction, and each person can work toward creating a positive and drug free living space. This is great for people who do not have anywhere else to go, or support from other people, such as friends or family members. It is ideal for people who are at risk of relapsing, if they were to go right back into their regular home situation right away.

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