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South Florida: Your First and Best Choice for Drug Rehab

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Getting clean—and staying that way—often requires major lifestyle changes. For many people, choosing a rehab center far away from home helps them escape the environment that drove them to addiction in the first place, and means that they can begin their recovery in a safe haven, away from triggers and social/family pressures. With rehab centers across the country, you could go almost anywhere, but South Florida is the number one destination for those seeking a successful path to sobriety. Here’s why:

Cleanse Your Spirit and Soothe Your Soul

South Florida’s beautiful scenery is a major plus if you are trying to conquer an addiction. Here, the crystal clear waters are never far away, and it’s easy to connect with nature on multiple levels. The pristine landscape helps to bring clarity of mind and a new focus to your life. Our Fort Lauderdale facility is just 300 yards from the beach — depression tends to melt away when the golden sands beckon day after day.

We like to say: “May every sunrise hold more promise and may every sunset hold more peace”, and it’s difficult to think of a more beautiful place to help make that mantra a reality.

Sunshine: Nature’s Medicine

The weather in South Florida is glorious year ‘round. Plenty of sunshine leads to maximum serotonin levels in your body, and research has shown that elevated serotonin causes improved mood, memory, concentration, focus and sleep. Rehabbing in South Florida means your body is already getting a free head start in the recovery process.

Especially for patients from the New England area, coming to the Sunshine State offers a departure from the gloominess up north. Rehab can feel like enough of a weight as it is, so it makes sense to at least do it in a setting where you can feel your best.

Stay Busy and Stay Healthy

South Florida is one of nature’s greatest playgrounds. Here you can learn a new watersport, play tennis or golf, cycle, or simply stroll through the gorgeous surroundings of public attractions like Crandon Park.

The wealth of recreational opportunities makes it easy to set and meet new healthy living goals. Not only will you be able to get and stay clean, but you can also start new fitness and exercise habits for life, benefiting your overall health and wellbeing.

When you’re not being active yourself, South Florida boasts an impressive array of sports venues where you can catch a game and distract yourself from cravings. Home to the Heat, the Dolphins and the Marlins, there’s always something going on nearby to inspire you, and tickets are generally very affordable.

South Florida is also home to world class arts institutions and there is plenty to interest you on a cultural level here – check out the Miami Science Museum, the Gold Coast Railroad Museum, the Pérez Modern Art Museum and many more, as well as a wide choice of theaters, music, festivals and exhibitions, throughout the year.

A Thriving Recovery Community

All around the Fort Lauderdale and Miami area, sober communities are thriving. Around 30% of rehab clients who come to South Florida choose to relocate here permanently, and it’s easy to see why. There are over 500 daily 12-Step groups to choose from, and many recovery communities organize sober festivals, arts events, concerts and attractions in an ongoing calendar for like-minded souls. The area also teems with halfway houses and job opportunities for those in recovery—wherever you go, you are sure to find a supportive and encouraging welcome.

Entering rehab is just the first step on the long recovery road; your success in getting clean comes largely from within, and is helped by the expertise and credentials of your chosen center. However, location plays an important part too; if you are surrounded by beauty and uplifted by sunshine—as you are in South Florida—your mental state will automatically improve. Add in the huge choice of healthy, interesting distractions, and the supportive wider community, and it’s easy to see why South Florida should be your first choice for drug rehab.

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