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Steps to Intervention

When we see our loved ones heading down a path away from recovery, we sometimes feel helpless. How do we make them see they are hurting themselves and everyone around them?

Sometimes the best option is to make them see it through the eyes of those affected.

1. Gather friends and family

The people that are surround your loved one daily are at work, home, school, and their favorite hangouts. Not everyone needs to be included when gathering those close to your loved one. Consider those who are involved with them regularly.

2. Write your letters

What is your point of view when it comes to the behavior of your loved one? What have they been doing that is destructive to their own health or safety as well as those aroSund them? How has their behavior hurt you personally/your relationship? Be open and direct while being compassionate.

3. Have your loved ones arrived to meet with everyone or have someone escort them.

This is the trickiest part. Although we may have a number of suggestions of how you might make your gathering happen, only you know your loved one well enough to determine the best way to have them sit with everyone and listen.

4. Read letters out loud

Have one person closest to your loved one (if not you) briefly explain why everyone is gathered. This same person may be the first to read their previously written letter.

5. Contact Meridian Treatment Solutions

This can be done before or after your gathering. Let us know when the family is ready to move on to the next step for lasting treatment.

It's not the easiest of tasks however it may be what saves the life of the person you love.

Conversations about painful topics are not easy for anyone no matter what side of the discussion they are on. Remain strong and know that what you’re doing is for the best.

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