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Substituting Addiction: Switching One Drug For Another

Overcoming addiction is a very difficult task that can only be acquired with a lot of hard work, dedication, and rehab. If you agree to go to an inpatient or outpatient drug rehab, you may be forced to face any underlying factors that are linked to your disease. There are many healthy ways to overcome your condition, but substituting one addiction for another one is not the answer. Below you will discover exactly what this term means and how to avoid getting caught up in the trend.

Drug Addiction Progression

Most drug addicts begin the trend of using illegal drugs, by starting out with a low-key drug such as marijuana. In the beginning, the addict will experience a rush, aura, and high perception from the drug. This is a normal side effect of the drug, which is why the individual continues to use it. It is much easier to face life, behind a veil than trying to face it head on. Over time the individual will not experience the same rush, so they will begin to increase the dose or look for a better alternative or stronger drug.

Reverse Actions

When a drug addict tries to come off of drugs, they may begin to reverse their actions. If they are addicted to heroin, they may start looking for a weaker drug, because they still desire their fix, but want to kick their habit. Of course, it is never that easy, so this technique will not be effective.

Exercise Addiction

Many alcoholics will work diligently to kick their habit, but unfortunately alcohol is so accessible, so it makes the task almost impossible. Instead of seeking help from a rehabilitation center, they may turn to the next best alternative, which is exercise. It is very easy to become addicted to an adrenaline rush. Everyone is familiar with the adrenaline junkie or daredevil. This is unhealthy behavior and should not be chosen, as an addiction substitute.

Early Discharge

If the addict is not covered under a high-quality healthcare policy, they may be faced with an early discharge from a rehab facility. This is unfortunate, but it is a reality. There are millions of individuals that are suffering from an addiction. This can potentially be linked to rehab overcrowding, so the addict is forced to find their own solution to their condition. Many healthcare professionals may be forced to prescribe an antipsychotic, anti-depressant, or anti-anxiety medication to the individual to help treat their underlying problems. Being an addict is never easy, but it is very easy for them to become addicted to any type of prescription drug.


Heroin addicts are often prescribed a methadone dose to help them kick the heroin addict. This is a highly addictive drug that is monitored and dispensed by a methadone clinic. This is often called a substitute therapy, which is generally successful, but also has some downsides. Many hardcore addicts will consume the methadone and continue to use heroin, which is very risky.


If you are seeking an alternative to your drug addiction, you should enter an outpatient rehab. Get holistic healthcare and avoid taking substitute drugs, because they will not solve your personal and physical issues.

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