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The Road to Recovery

The Road to Recovery Starts at Meridian

“Start with a plant, then think about getting a pet. One step at the time, one day at the time.” -They said. I’ve always wanted a dog, but after being sober for over a year, and going through some of the toughest times in my entire 23 years of existence, I listened. And I decided to start my life over, one step at the time. Sarah, NJ. Alcoholic who no longer drinks.

People who share stories like this about addiction and recovery, speak from the heart. Someone helped them, someone gave them a hand to get better, to get to that point where they no longer abuse harmful substances. Sharing their journey and become a support for others who are in the same situation is a pay-it-forward path that leads to the recovery of others in need.

Overcoming an addiction to drugs or alcohol can be a long and bumpy road. At times, it may even feel impossible. But it’s not. If you’re ready to stop and willing to get the support you need, you can recover from drugs, alcoholism and alcohol abuse—no matter how bad the addiction or how powerless you feel. You don’t have to wait until you hit rock bottom; you can make a change at any time. Look for those who’ve been through what you’re going through. Get ready to get started on the road to recovery.

If you’re not sure if you’re ready to change or you’re struggling with the decision, it can help to think about the costs and benefits of each choice. Balancing both sides and doing the math of how much are you really saving/gaining from not doing it would surprise you. Better health, clear mind, more energy, and money in the bank are just a few of the positive things of stopping for good.

Setting goals and prepare for change is crucial step to achieve successful recovery. Once you’ve made the decision to change, establishing clear goals such as I will quit drinking/abusing drugs this date, I will stop drinking on weekdays, or gradually quitting from 3 to 2, to 1-0 drinks per week. Working this goals with the hand of a counselor will set up a road to success, and of course they will be different on every person. The more specific, realistic, and clear your goals, the better.

After you’ve set your goals to either stop or cut back, write down some ideas on how you can help yourself accomplish these goals. Like getting rid of temptations, announce your goal (don’t work alone, be upfront with your new limits and learn from past mistakes.

While getting sober is an important first step, it is only the beginning of recovery. Rehab or professional treatment can get you started on the road to recovery, but to stay alcohol & drug-free for the long term, you’ll need to build a new, meaningful life where abusing substances no longer has a place.

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