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Tips for Celebrating July 4th Sober

4 Tips for and Sober and Fun July 4th

Barbecues, picnics, parades, partying, and a night sky exploding with fireworks are part of the typical July 4th celebration. Holidays, especially ones that thrive on big parties, tend to be stressful for those living a sober lifestyle. The celebration of July 4th is hard to experience without being around alcohol and other dangerous risks. However, there are ways to enjoy July 4th without putting your sobriety at risk. We provided some short and effective tips that help people look forward to celebrating July 4th sober.

Tip #1: Enjoy the Food

Honestly, the best thing about July 4th celebrations are the barbecues, cookouts, and whatever feast the host provides. There is no need for alcohol or drugs in order to enjoy a delicious July 4th meal. Make a celebration all about the traditional American foods and there won’t be any time to think of anything else. If you’re the host of the July celebration make your party a dry one so no alcohol or other substances are allowed. Many areas have family-friendly celebrations that are also alcohol-free. All you have to do is find the right place for you.

Tip #2: Hang with Sober Friends

To make the July 4th holiday easy on yourself spend it with people living the sober lifestyle like you. Get together with people you know from recovery group or programs. Or hang with friends that respect your sober lifestyle and agree to have a clean July 4th celebration. The best people to be around when you’re sober are those that support you. Supportive people help make getting through holidays much easier because they respect your recovery. These are the people you want to surround yourself with because they will know how to make a sober holiday extra fun.

Tip #3: Fireworks

Now, this is what July 4th is all about. Fireworks, fireworks, and more fireworks! The celebration of July 4th always ends with a bang of colors, frequently in reds, whites, and blues. This experience alone is a great way to celebrate July 4th sober. Find out the best fireworks display going off on July 4th in your local area and have an amazing night full of wonderment as you watch the colorful show play out in the sky. Or, if it’s legal in your area, put on your own banging fireworks show and wow your family, friends, and neighbors with breathtaking colors. If your focus is on the fireworks, whether you’re putting on the show or not, there is no time to think about temptations against your sobriety. There is a magic to fireworks that neither alcohol or drugs can compete with.

Tip #4: Celebrate Your Independence from Addiction

When it comes down to it remember you’re allowed to have all the fun you want as long as it doesn’t put your sobriety at risk. This holiday is a great time to show friends, family, and yourself how far you have come in your recovery. Enjoy the life you have created in sobriety and celebrate your freedom from the addiction that held you back. This July 4th you will make memories that won’t be forgotten due to a debilitating substance. Let yourself be in the present and finally experience the joys of life your addiction was keeping you from.

If you’re newly sober and this particular holiday is difficult for you, remember it’s only one day and it will soon pass. Don’t push the limits of your sobriety. Sometimes it’s necessary to be in a treatment center during holidays like these where you can be given exactly what you need. This is particularly true for someone in their first year of recovery. At Meridian Treatment Solutions we have a variety of programs to help each individual through any difficult holiday.

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