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Tips to Maintaining Sobriety during New Year’s Eve

Almost all alcoholic individuals face challenges in the early recovery stages. For many people, celebrating New Year's Eve includes sharing alcohol. For them, it is very exciting. However, for alcoholics, recovery is their priority and such kind of celebrations bear temptations and is not comfortable to partake. There is free alcohol that is shared during New Year's Eve parties. Alcohol centered parties make it difficult for those recovering to avoid drinking. Here are some tips to enable alcoholics to stay sober during New Year's Eve festivities.

Have a firm stand

Many people find themselves celebrating New Year's Eve with a crowd of drinkers. The great temptations and the luring friends can easily influence one to consume alcohol. Saying no is an important art during this time. While it may be awkward to turn down a friend's offer, the important thing at stake is sobriety. If saying no is difficult, understand that prior rehearsal allows one to say no with much ease.Explanations are unnecessary, and no one should feel pressured to explain their decision. An affirmative stand on alcohol is sufficient for other people to understand your position. Nothing matters more than what is good for you.

Exit when necessary

Never feel afraid to leave when the situation starts to feel uncomfortable. Individuals, who spend time around regular drinkers, should have their own transport. A personal car will allow one to leave as they please. Having personal means gives one a good excuse to avoid alcohol. As such, nothing should hold one from leaving when uncomfortable. Avert the temptation of sticking around parties that are full of drunk people. An exit plan is necessary for those who feel they may be letting others down. Communicate beforehand the necessity to leave early and apologize in advance. Do not worry about what others think if you leave early because the temptation to drink is unbearable at times.

Carry your own drink

Carry a non-alcoholic drink to the event. Holding the drink will prevent others from offering or serving you an alcoholic drink. Those invited to a New Year's Eve party by a friend should feel free to suggest to the host that they have something non-alcoholic.

Hang around sober people or like-minded people

Being in the company of drinkers in an active drinking session is a bad idea. Hanging around sober people will eliminate the temptations to drink. Carry along a friend who will be supportive or bring a sponsor from the alcoholic anonymous group. Try to be in a company of at least one sober friend. Sometimes recovering individuals can group together and attend a New Year's Eve party. Such groups check the safety of each other and have fun together.

Skip risky parties and explore new ways to have fun

Alcoholics should avoid attending New Year's Eve parties that serve alcoholic drinks. People can organize and go out for a meal and have fun. New Year's Eve parties that are alcohol-centered could make someone jump off the wagon easily. Try going to the theater and watch a movie or moonlit walk with friends. Such occasions are a gift to recovery. Very few alcoholics take the opportunity to enjoy such modest pleasures during active alcoholism. Board games and card games with friends are equally fun during New Year's Eve.

Host a New Year's Eve party

Attending a New Year's Eve party even in a bar or other venues including friends' houses can undermine early recovery. The chances are high that alcohol will be served and your ability to decline offers to drink may not be strong enough. Recovering persons can avoid the danger of relapse by throwing out their parties. The host has control of whom to invite and the kind of food and beverages to be served. Such a controlled environment allows people to be comfortable. The invited guest should be limited to those who understand, appreciate and support the host's quest for sobriety.

Stay connected

There are many challenges faced by alcoholic recovery addicts. The early days of recovery can be challenging. Do not endure tough times alone. Share what you are going through with a friend, therapist, sponsor or spiritual advisor. Alcoholics should have someone to talk to especially about the tough holiday.


Recovery addicts need to take care of themselves during periods of distress. Engaging in activities such exercises and meditation is encouraged. Such activities are necessary as they help prevent accumulation of negative emotions. Simple workouts such as walking for a few minutes are recommended. Individuals should also engage in activities that uplift the spirits such as therapy sessions and attending anonymous alcoholic gatherings. A therapist can help particularly in sharing matters that are not easy to share with family. People recovering from alcoholism should shun feelings of anger, loneliness, tiredness and hunger. Avoid arguments with loved ones, and closest people as this can lead to relapse. Emotional health is vital and makes it easier for individuals to avoid temptations.

Be grateful

It is important that recovering persons be grateful for the achievements of the past year. One needs to sit down and make a list of things they are thankful for including sobriety, being alive and the things that are now improved. All accomplishment should be honored as one looks in a positive future.

Attend an alcathon

Alcathons are round-the-clock meetings that are organized and held by alcoholic anonymous groups, to help their members stay sober during holidays such as New Year's Eve. New Year's Eve can be hard for alcoholics. There is a lot of drinking in the festivities and alcoholics tend to feel lonely and depressed couples with the temptations to drink. Individuals that are uncomfortable staying at home during New Year's Eve can attend an alcathon. The alcathon organization is very welcoming and all that is need is just check in and self-introduction. The alcathon meetings ensure that alcoholics have a secure place to go and spend time in an atmosphere of recovery. Alcathons can include a group meal, cookies and a sober party where everyone can have fun.

Now that you know how to avoid drinking, you are set for New Year's Eve. Have a great alcohol free time, and as you cross to the next year, remember that it is the small things that matter!

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