Transitional Housing Agoura Hills

Article provided by: Fairview Supportive Living

Transitional Housing Agoura Hills

If you feel your previous living situation is not suitable for your new-found sobriety, a sober living house is an excellent option for you. Fairview Supportive Living is ready to help you maintain your sobriety post-rehab. Contact us today for information on our transitional housing in Agoura Hills.

Reasons to live in a sober house

Sober living facilities provide many benefits to their residents. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

  • Encourage healthy coping skills
  • Assist residents by extending lessons learned in rehab
  • Become comfortable with sobriety without outside influences
  • Provide a person with support from their fellow residents
  • Aid with the transition to outside life by helping with job skills

Our transitional housing in Agoura Hills will reshape your life and help you regain your freedom and personal balance.

Requirements for residency in a sober living house

The main requirement for a resident of a sober living house is that the person is not using drugs or alcohol. That person must remain sober for the duration of their stay at the facility. Each sober home its own rules beyond that. Some facilities require chores for their residents. Others have set schedules for residents to cook meals and have house meetings together. Still, others require residents to participate in group 12-step meetings and group therapy. Check with your particular house to see what their rules are.

To continue as a resident of a sober home, one must follow whatever rules that a particular home has. Failure to meet those rules can subject you to eviction. It is also a common practice for residents in sober homes to undergo regular drug testing.

Life after transitional housing

This is when a person’s sobriety becomes real and faces tests. After completing rehab and a stay in transitional housing, a person faces several choices. A person must decide if they want to return home, or do they want a fresh start? Each option has pros and cons. A fresh start enables you to get away from any persons not supportive of your sobriety. Removing yourself from those people can remove many potential triggers. A fresh start can end up being the key to your success.

One the other hand, removing yourself from your home and all your friends and family can also take away any support system you have. You must ask yourself, is moving away from the best decision? Or would it be easier just to avoid the people and situations that trigger you? Only you can make the choice that is best for you and your sobriety.

Are people in transitional housing better at staying sober?

Since sober living homes are growing in popularity, more studies need to happen on long-term success rates for patients who chose this route. The first significant study on the topic in 2015 showed great promise, however. The patients in that study showed improved long term rates of sobriety and less recidivism to jails.

Choose to stay strong in your sobriety. Talk to the team at Fairview Supportive Living about our transitional housing in Agoura Hills.

Transitional Housing Agoura Hills