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Hobbies That Help With Recovery

Entering the world of recovery means starting an entirely new lifestyle. In order to break the addiction, those in recovery must find something to replace the drugs in their sober life. This new sober life has a lot of downtime, previously filled with drugs, that needs to be replaced with healthier activities. Below are activities…

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The Difficulty of Breaking an Opioid Addiction

According to the CDC, 91 Americans die each day from an opioid overdose. Over half a million people died from opioids between 2000 and 2015. This data shows that opioid-related deaths have quadrupled since 1999. Presently, opioid deaths are considered an epidemic throughout the United States. Even within the last couple weeks, Florida governor Rick…

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5 Things to Avoid in Early Recovery

Early recovery, especially during the first year, is a delicate time for newly sober people. Major emotional, psychological, and physical changes occur and can become overwhelming. This is a time for those in recovery to take it easy and focus on being sober. There is no need to make recovery any harder than it needs…

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How to Counteract Boredom and Loneliness in Recovery

Two of the biggest things people experience in recovery are boredom and loneliness. This doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does people in recovery are at a higher risk of relapsing. The important thing is for those in recovery to acknowledge this problem and be proactive about it instead of ignoring it. There…

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Is Inpatient Better Than Outpatient Treatment?

When it comes to inpatient versus outpatient treatment, the better option is subjective. Determining whether you or your loved one receive inpatient therapy or outpatient therapy depends entirely on the individual. The best way to decide which treatment is the better option is to first understand the difference between inpatient and outpatient. What is the…

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Getting To the Root Cause of Your Addiction

For anyone seeking drug or alcohol rehab treatment, relapse statistics can be frightening. Studies show that between 50-90% of rehab patients will relapse at some point. But, here at Meridian Treatment Solutions, we believe we know why patients relapse. We use that knowledge to ensure our clients leave our centers equipped with the best possible…

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Misconceptions of People Who are in Recovery

Making the decision to seek recovery from drug or alcohol abuse is significant. It’s what changes lives. However, that doesn’t stop people who suffer from addiction from feeling ashamed about their recovery. When it should be a moment of celebration, it’s more often a moment of embarrassment for those in recovery when someone finds out.…

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How do you know if you have an addiction?

Addiction is a complex brain disease that can gradually take everything good and valuable from individuals’ lives and leave them jobless, in poor health and without close family and friends. The progress of addiction can differ from person to person. Some individuals drink or use drugs and never become addicted. Others quickly find themselves in…

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What to Bring to Rehab

This Is What You Should Take and Not Take To Rehab BRING Identification Driver’s license Insurance card Social security card and/or passport Clothing Jeans (no rips) Shorts (5” or longer) Short-sleeved shirts are recommended. Most people in the winter months feel comfortable in long sleeved shirts and/or a sweatshirt. Yoga pants, modest workout clothes (for…

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The Road to Recovery

The Road to Recovery Starts at Meridian “Start with a plant, then think about getting a pet. One step at the time, one day at the time.” -They said. I’ve always wanted a dog, but after being sober for over a year, and going through some of the toughest times in my entire 23 years…

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