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Seeking Help in Recovery? There’s an App for That

Apps for Recovering Addicts As any recovering addict understands, the quest for sobriety is a life-long mission. Evidence shows that a strong support network is vital in helping addicts stay clean and sober after rehab. Typically, an addict may have one or more sponsors, a network of new, sober friends and professional support from ongoing…

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When Your Sibling Is an Addict

How to deal with a drug addict brother or sister? Addiction affects not only the addict, but the entire family. If you have a drug addict sibling, you may have the feeling of being left to watch from the sidelines as you brother or sister becomes barely recognizable. Your parents become more and more distraught,…

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Parenting the Teen Addict

How to deal with a teen drug addict Parenting a teenager—any teenager—is tough. Really, really tough. Teenagers are hard-wired to test the boundaries and the patience of saints, but the vast majority eventually emerge the other side as whole, loving adults. But what if addiction visits your home and your world is shattered by discovering…

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Choosing an Alcohol Rehab? 8 Issues to Consider

Are You Deciding Which Alcohol Rehab Treatment Center Is Right For You Or Your Loved One? Choosing an alcohol rehab program for your loved one is one of the most important decisions you will make on the path to recovery. Get this intervention right, and the process can begin from a strong and stable base;…

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Is Social Media a Link to Drug Abuse?

Throughout the years, technology has completely reinvented the way people perform some of life’s mundane tasks. Now, people can instantly share messages, pictures and videos with others from all around the world. Although this can be very beneficial and fun, it can potentially lead to problems. In fact, there are many researchers, who believe that…

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Guide To Dealing With Enablers

If you are someone you know is enabling a family member or friend to get away with doing drugs, you are doing them no justice. In fact, you are actually creating a bigger problem, because the addict is continuing to spiral out of control. As long as you continue to protect this person and help…

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Breaking the Stigma of Drug Rehab

They say admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery. For many addicts, admitting they have a problem feels like admitting to failure. Not only does this aspect stear many addicts away from entering recovery, but the stigma behind rehab itself can be part of the reason why someone will refuse to…

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Recovery in the Spotlight

They’re in the spotlight daily while they face some of the same challenges as the rest of us. Addiction does not discriminate by any means. No matter your age, race, gender, or social status, addiction is a disease fought by many. At times the fight is in secret and too often it is alone. Facing…

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