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If you're battling an addiction to alcohol or drugs, it's possible that you feel as if things will never get any better. Maybe you've been addicted for a long time. Maybe you’ve entered rehab multiple times in the past and eventually relapsed after each attempt. Whatever your reasons, it might be difficult to imagine a life free from addiction and all of the trouble it brings with it.

It's especially important to understand that drug and alcohol rehabilitation isn't a one-dimensional concept. When a given individual has trouble kicking an addiction, it’s very possible that it’s because the treatments he's turned to in the past didn't address all of the factors involved. Chemical dependency counseling is different because it does exactly that.

What Is Chemical Dependency Counseling?

Chemical dependency counseling is a form of drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment that focuses on identifying and resolving the root causes of a given addiction. For many people, addiction is about so much more than a biological dependency on the substance of choice. Often, there are also underlying issues that either led to the addiction in the first place or drastically exacerbated it once it developed.

Chemical dependency counseling is an approach to drug and alcohol rehab that not only addresses the addiction itself, but also any related issues via a classic approach. The process may include seeking resolutions to past traumas such as childhood abuse, grief, or various social traumas. It may also include medical treatment of underlying mental illness or behavioral problems that contribute to the addiction.

What chemical dependency counseling may involve will differ depending on the individual needs of the addict and the unique style of the counselor. However, methods can and often do include group therapy, one-to-one counseling, and more.

Our chemical dependency counselors can help you know the reasons & treat your dependency on chemicals. At Meridian Treatment Solutions, we believe that addiction is typically caused by various underlying, unresolved issues, and that individuals are merely using alcohol and other drugs as a coping mechanism to deal with the trauma or pain.

Some of the more common underlying issues that may result in an individual having a mood disorder and turn to alcohol and/or other drugs are:

There are various reasons why people choose to use alcohol and or other drugs. A few examples are:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Low Self-esteem
  • Childhood Trauma
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder, and
  • Various other psychological disorders

When an individual continually uses an addictive substance, their body rapidly develops a tolerance to that substance, and they require more of the drug to get the same effect.

What Are the Benefits of Chemical Dependency Counseling?

When addiction is treated via counseling that targets the root cause of the issue, truly wonderful things can happen. Let’s take a closer look at some of the additional benefits this treatment style brings to the table.

Improved Mental Health

For many people, chemical addiction is a symptom of what’s really ailing them, as opposed to the root problem in and of itself. They may be suffering from the aftermath of traumatic life circumstances or events. Alternatively, they may be have mental illnesses that have gone undiagnosed for years. In cases like these, alcohol and drug use likely started as a way to ease their pain, developing into addiction over time.

Once these underlying issues are treated, not only is it easier for the addict to overcome their dependency on a lasting basis, but many other aspects of their life improve as well. They’re able to maintain healthier relationships, be more productive at work, and develop a healthier sense of identity to name just a few possible benefits.

Better Understanding of Issues

The better the understanding an addict has in regards to themselves, their addiction, and any underlying conditions, the better their chances of a successful recovery. Forewarned is definitely forearmed and chemical dependency counseling is an excellent way of accumulating solid, useful knowledge.

In some cases, chemical dependency counseling may extend to the addict’s immediate family and friends as well. When spouses, relatives, and other people the addict is close to are properly educated in regards to the entire process, it’s beneficial for everyone.

Individualized Care

Just as no two people are alike, neither are any two addictions. With chemical dependency counseling, the addict receives customized care that takes their very unique situation into consideration in a number of different ways. An experienced counselor takes the treatment step by step at a pace that’s right for the patient.

When care is individualized in this way, success rates skyrocket. The likelihood of relapse is drastically lowered and the outlook for the addict’s future mental health is much brighter. The addition of ongoing aftercare is also a major benefit when it comes to many chemical dependency programs. Please check with a counselor to see if counseling and rehab is covered by your insurance.

Choosing the Right Chemical Dependency Counseling Program for You

Of course deciding that you or someone you love might be able to benefit from the unique and thorough approach chemical dependency counseling has to offer is one thing. Figuring out which option will best suit your unique situation is another. It’s important to make sure that you make the right decision.

When researching treatment centers or counselors in your area, make sure you get plenty of details on what their approach to chemical dependency counseling is. In many cases, potential patients find it helpful to ask a few questions over the phone or in person before making a decision. Choose a counselor or treatment facility that makes you feel at ease and that you will find easy to trust.

While it's true that kicking a chemical addiction once and for all is far from simple, the process becomes a lot easier with the right treatment option in your corner. Explore the possibilities for yourself today!

Expert Chemical Dependency Counselors

Chemical dependency is a psychological or physical need that develops to use alcohol or other drugs and this need does not go away even when the drug abuse results in negative consequences. Each client at Meridian Treatment Solutions will be assigned a chemical dependency counselor who will work with them every day in one-on-one and group sessions for the entirety of their stay. Counselors will help clients recognize and correct the dysfunctional behavior patterns they have developed due to chemical dependency.

Our chemical dependency counselors will work with clients not only to treat the dependency issues, but also to find out why they exist in the first place. Our counselors are experts at helping clients rebuild productive hobbies and find new ways of dealing with difficulties in their lives without relying on alcohol or other drugs to mask the underlying problems. Our chemical dependency counselors also have group sessions with other clients to help them understand how they can assist the healing process. Our chemical dependency counselors meet with the entire treatment team daily to coordinate efforts to ensure clients are receiving the best and most personalized treatment possible.

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