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The Need for One on One Therapy for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

When clients arrive at Meridian Treatment Solutions, they will be assigned an addictions counselor who will work with them one-on-one in private sessions for the entirety of their stay.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy states that addiction is typically caused by various underlying, unresolved issues, and that the client is merely using alcohol or other drugs as a coping mechanism to deal with the trauma or pain. We believe that in order to end the cycle of dependency one must also uncover the reason why they are choosing to numb themselves with alcohol or other drugs.

Therapy Sessions

Therapy sessions will offer clients a safe space to dig deep and discover the complex nature behind their addictions, and to learn how to resolve and heal each particular underlying issue.

We truly believe that each client is an individual with unique life circumstances. We help the client recognize and correct the dysfunctional behavior patterns that have overtaken their existence and ultimately heal the pain of the past, so they can lead a healthy, addiction-free life.

Addiction is sometimes a difficult problem to treat for there are often individual reasons for the struggle that must be addressed before change can take place. For most treatment plans a variety of options work best to deal with the issue, beginning with the type of one on one therapy that can bring an addict face to face with their problem. Once they acknowledge the truth of their addiction, they are ready to begin the task of overcoming it. One on one counseling can bring them to this point and make they ready for the fight to get clean and stay clean.

What Obstacles Keep People From Overcoming Addiction?

Denial is a huge obstacle for many addicts. They fear the sense of failure that comes with acknowledging they have a problem or they fear the consequences they believe dealing with that problem will bring. They hide their addiction even from themselves and therefore do not take the steps needed to overcome the problem. For such people, group therapy would not be a successful treatment option because they do not accept themselves as part of such a group. Until they come to terms with the truth about their own struggle, they are not ready to benefit from the group. This is where one on one therapy can play an important role in bringing them to that point.

One on one therapy affords the safety of anonymity for someone who has not dealt with their own addiction. A trained professional who listens both to what they are saying and to what they are not saying knows the right questions to put to someone in denial. And only the counselor is there to hear the answers and judge what they say. The safety of such a space may be where the addict finally come to terms with their own problem and can admit to their addiction. There may also be the issue of how the revelation of addiction will impact their families and their job. They could fear losing their source of income or losing the respect of their family should they acknowledge the depth of their problem with addiction.

It may be too that someone has tried group therapy and found it did not help them overcome their addiction. They may have deep seated fears or a longstanding belief that recovery is not possible for them. Low self-esteem may have robbed them of the confidence they need to believe they can overcome their addiction.

For such people one on one counseling affords the opportunity to get at individual beliefs that may be holding them back from success. Group therapy does not offer the individual time or the personalized counseling that can reveal these obstacles to successful recovery that one on one therapy can provide. Once these issues have been brought to light and dealt with, they may find that group therapy is more successful than it was in the past.

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