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Spiritual Substance Abuse Counseling

We offer spiritual help for addiction treatment. Spiritual counseling provides inspirational support by recognizing the high worth and value of the deeper being within each person. Independent of religious affiliation or preferences—this work guides the client to experience their core essence and teaches them how to empower themselves to bring what they want and desire into their life.

Our philosophy states that addiction is typically caused by various underlying, unresolved issues, and that the client is merely using alcohol or other drugs as a coping mechanism to deal with the trauma or pain. We believe that in order to end the cycle of dependency one must also uncover the reason why they are choosing to numb themselves with alcohol or other drugs.

Transformation Kit

Our transformation tool kit includes: breath work, perception-checking, seeing the loving essence, heart-centered listening, compassionate self-forgiveness, affirmations, mindfulness meditation, visualization and positive-self talk. Benefits of spiritual counseling or what clients can anticipate receiving from spiritual counseling:

  • Greater access to their own intuition and inner wisdom
  • Wider perspectives on specific issues
  • Compassionate understanding of their negative behaviors
  • Clarity about how addiction is a pathway to grace
  • Energetic techniques for creating deeper connections & relationships
  • Effective ways to move up the emotional scale from fear to faith
  • Embodiment practices to enhance your ability to feel well-being
  • Compassionate understanding of their negative behaviors

What is Spiritual Counseling

At its core spiritual addiction counseling is the process of delving into the deeper soul—beyond the mind and the five senses. It can be described as a journey that aims to transform the spiritual, emotional and physical well-being, all of which are deeply intertwined. Spiritual counseling is not about religion, or providing inspiration from the Bible or other religious texts. It is about learning to love oneself—and this requires a highly trained and sensitive counselor who is able and willing to dig deep into the cave of the addict’s suffering, and get to the root of the riddle at the addict’s soul.

Once this is achieved, the addict’s life can be forever changed, by activating the hidden energy that resides in all of our souls. The goal is to bring peace to soul and allow self-healing to begin.

The Role of Energy in Spiritual Healing

Energy is at the core of our universe and is what makes it run. The same is true for the life energy in human beings. But there is positive energy and negative energy—drugs and alcohol open the way to negative life energy that depletes the soul’s life force and the power to heal itself. Spiritual counseling focuses on identifying that negative energy that leads to confusion, and anger. We can think of our life energy as vibrations that reverberate in our inner soul—negative energy lowers our vibrational frequency. This negative energy steals our life force and leads to fear and self-doubt.

Spiritual counseling aims to find how we opened ourselves up negative energy, and how our positive energy is being stolen from us. It seeks to help the addict seize back control of his or her life energy—dependency is a cry for help in restoring that positive life energy and taking back control of our lives.

Healing the Soul Wound

Spiritual counseling helps the addict discover the ancient soul wound that dates back back to early childhood—typically at age five or six. Discovering the ancient soul wound is the first step to healing. It is a way to break the never-ending cycle of despair.

Our cells carry this pain in our cells. Spiritual counselors believe that the soul talks to us about our pain—in a childlike tone, with colors and mind pictures. Addicts need to learn to listen to these soul messages, which lead to true life transformation. After this discovery comes a positive design to change, to let go of the chains that bind us and set ourselves free of the negative energy that drains our life spirit.

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