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Home » Blog » Drug Addiction » Walmart joins the struggle against the Opioid menace
Walmart joins the struggle against the Opioid menace

Walmart joins the struggle against the Opioid menace

Walmart sets the trend through a free Opioid disposal solution in its pharmacy chain.

Walmart announced the launch of a cost-free Opioid disposal solution to withhold the menace rising from Opioid abuse. Named as Disposed RX this initiative is first-of-its-kind. The solution comes in the form of small packets with stuffed ingredients. You only need a pill bottle and warm water to safely dispose of unused medications.

In the face of widespread misuse of Opioid, DisposeRX provides a ray of hope for patients who have been struggling to find a safe alternative for disposing of leftover Opioids. As per the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and the National Institute on Drug Abuse, Opioid abuse starts from excessive-usage which is in sharp contrast to the medically recommended dose or as prescribed by a physician.

This innovation in disposal solution will be an integral part of counseling sessions offered to Walmart patients to create substantial awareness on the proper usage of Opioid. At present this program covers 4700 pharmacies. The program will aim to impart the knowledge of properly using DisposeRX accompanied with the distribution of brochures that will highlight the underlying risks of Opioid usage.

In an official statement, Executive Vice President of Consumables and Health and Wellness at Walmart US emphasized the prioritized the health and safety of its patients for the betterment of national interest. He emphasized the multitude of resources needed to effectively deal with the issue of Opioid abuse and believes that DisposeRX will be successful in improving the quality of life.

DisposeRX is a blend of crosslinked polymers that have the capacity to neutralize the effect of medicinal drugs when added to a pill bottle with warm water. Irrespective of the form or physical state DisposeRx can transform Opioid drugs into a non-divertible biodegradable gel such that FDA has deemed it clinically safe.

Patients with a prescription for Class II Opioid will be receiving DisposeRX packet and an informative brochure on safety norms without any additional costs. Moreover, patients with prescription of Class II Opioid will be offered a free DisposeRX packet after every six months. As part of its nationwide campaign, existing patients of Walmart can get DisposeRX packet at any time.

Most of prescribed medicine is wasted unused that entails the risk of misuse as infants and youngsters may have access to the places where they are stored. The introduction of DisposeRX is a noble step forward for safeguarding leftover medicines from misuse.

With the introduction of DisposeRX in Walmart and Sam’s Club pharmacies, the medical community is hopeful of effectively addressing the problem of prescription drug abuse. The company is of the opinion that it is high time that lawmakers enforce a seven day supply limit for prescriptions that recommends Opioid to treat acute pain. Walmart has the firm resolve that by educating the masses on prescription drug abuse it will be contributing gainfully to reduce the clinical problems of Opioid Addiction.

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