Does WellPoint Health Insurance Cover Drug Rehab?

It depends on your specific plan.


Drug Dependency Can Be Life Threatening

If your drug of choice is heroin, you are going to have a long road ahead of you, as far as the recovery process goes. Heroin is a very dangerous and life threatening addiction that can be fatal, if untreated. While many users are able to use heroin for many years, without having any type of medical consequences others are not that lucky. If you are experiencing chest pain, seizure activity, or extreme weight loss, you need to seek medical help now.  Your healthcare insurance is more than willing to help you in your time of need. By calling the Wellpoint insurance company, you will have a long list of treatment and facility options to choose from.

Liver Damage

Many drug and alcohol abusers are highly likely to face liver damage or liver failure, at some point. The liver is responsible for metabolizing all of your foods, drinks, and medications. It cannot possibly keep up with the large amount of heroin that you are using. The liver will end up shutting down, and then you will be faced with a life-threatening situation that cannot be corrected by drug rehab alone. Hospitalization will be required first, and then hopefully you will survive to get treatment for your severe addiction.

Heart Attack

Your heart is your lifeline and you can only imagine what heroin addiction will do to your wonderful heart. Of course, you are not going to think about your drug abuse consequences, until it is too late or you are forced to do so. Getting help for your addiction can save your life and prevent you from having a massive heart attack.


Seizures are very common in users that are withdrawing from a hardcore drug like heroine. This is definitely a very dangerous disorder that will need to be treated in order to prevent them from co-concurring. Be sure to let your primary care physician know about any seizure activity that you have experienced.

Dual Diagnosis

Meridian Treatment Solutions prefers to use dual diagnosis as a tool to discover your underlying mental problems. Almost all drug addicts have some type of hidden mental illness that they are not dealing with. If you have faced some type of tragedy, as an adult or child, let the psychiatrist know because it is vital to your treatment plan. This solution is part of the holistic healthcare that is provided by Meridian.

Addiction Is A Disease

Contrary to belief, addiction is a disease. While many individuals tend to use illegal or prescription drugs as a recreational fun, they are probably using it to combat some type of mental illness. Alcoholism is considered a hereditary disease that is handed down from generation, after generation. It is up to you to break the cycle so that your children will not be faced, with this terrible disease. If you have an addictive personality, it is highly likely that one or more of your children will also. It isn’t fair that your children will have to suffer, but if you get help with your problem, you may be able to break this vicious.


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