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What To Expect When Entering Recovery

When attempting to get clean of drugs, there are a variety of different approaches that can be taken. Suffice to say, most individuals will opt to enter a drug rehabilitation center. Since the majority of people have never been to one of these facilities, it can be very scary and frightening. With this in mind, it is vital to prepare yourself for a change. In this guide, you will learn everything that you should expect, when entering a recovery program.

Initial Exam and Interview

When it comes down to it, each specific drug rehabilitation center will have a unique plan of action that they’ll use. However, most follow a similar pattern. First and foremost, the majority of these facilities will take the time to sit down with the addict and give them a quick exam. This exam will help the professional determine more about the specific individual’s drug abuser and their needs. After the physical has been completed, the patient will be interviewed extensively. They’ll be asked about their drug abuse, in order to form a better understanding. All of this information will help to develop a specific plan of action for your condition.


Once the intake process has concluded, the nasty part of recovery will begin. The detox stage is most certainly the most difficult period of time for recovery and will put the abuser into a very tense and potentially painful situation. Of course, the specific detox symptoms will vary depending on the drug that was abused. This period can last anywhere from one to three days. Some rehab centers will give the patient medications to keep them calm and pain free, during this process.

Active Treatment Will Begin

After the detox has been completed successfully, it will be time to start the active treatment. Generally, this will include a number of different activities and steps. The patient will be required to partake in several helpful programs and counseling sessions. A number of different therapies will be utilized to help get the patient clean from drugs. Cognitive-behavioral therapy, somatic therapy, family therapy, and individual counseling sessions will all be used. Suffice to say, you should be prepared to speak with and in front of a lot of individuals.

After Rehab

Eventually, you will be released from the rehab center. At this point in time, it is vital to make sure that you have a clean, supportive environment to enter. You should not return home, if you live with other drug abusers. A sober living facility might be more suitable. Remember that drug abuse is an ongoing problem and you will face problems constantly. You should have your counselor’s number ready, at all times. Most people will have access to a sponsor. Be sure to call this individual, if you start feeling tempted to use drugs.


At the end of the day, you should make sure that you’re fully prepared to change your life, before you enter a rehab center! This can be a big shock to the system and you will need to face it head on, in order to get clean and return to a healthy life!

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